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This was so fun to play :D I can't wait for your guys' full release!

I really, really like the idea of the game and turning the city-building genre on its head. I'm looking forward to the full release :D

Gosh, what an absolutely beautiful and brutally sad game. Even though this is just part 1 of 2, all the comments could not prepare me for how much this would pull on my heart strings

This game is fantastic, the best way I can describe it:

Boy, that escalated quickly

What an incredibly beautiful game. Grief is hard to deal with for anyone and this is such a good showcase. Thank you for making this

This is really, really cool! I do plan on playing through the whole game, it's so intriguing! I hope the music and sound effects I added fit the vision you had for the game!

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Tried out the new features! I definitely did something wrong with the Beat Making though, that did not work as intended 😂

I gave you the long answer on YouTube since I saw it there first 🙈 

Thank you again for the game and checking out the video! I‘m really looking forward to more Lo-Fi Room!

I‘m really sorry I‘m so bad at your game but it is so charming and sweet and the music is awesome! I will definitely continue to check it out!

Brilliantly funny! What a thrilling heist!

This game serves as a reminder that we need to take care about each other. Dev, if you ever see this, I hope you're doing better.

I really love your little game! The controls a tight, the movement is smooth, the music is awesome and the visuals have a unique style that I really dig! 

This was so much fun! I'm not very good at it but it is so well done!

This game is beautiful and awesome and I loved every second of it. I'm definitely gonna continue playing!

You are very welcome! I think it deserves some more puzzles, I really like the game for the concept you build it on. That you can only go back and not forward.

This was very fun to play! Are there plans for more levels?

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What a neat little game! I like the self-awareness 

This game almost gave me a heart attack