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I agree, the game should have hints indicating where the player should go next.

The problem with subduing the left girl only effects the mouse, and that can be solved by clicking the girl on the left to target the girl on the right (subduing enemies not on the far right causes the click area for the enemies to the right of that enemy to shift left).

I played the first Didnapper game as well as the demo for bonds. I am loving the dialogue, new UI, and battle system. The introduction of the TP system feels like it will make the game more balanced.
However, i had a few problems with the game. I somehow made the game to restart in the forest area by spamming the x key to close the window. The game also crashed during the dialouge that comes the 3 on 1 fight with the bullies, saying it couldn't extract files to a temp location. In addition to the crashing, targeting enemies with the mouse in combat becomes a problem when the enemy's closest to the left are subdued.
From what I've seen so far, this game is looking amazing and I can't wait to see the finished game :D

Great game, the only thing I didn't like about it was that the horror elements did not feel consistant enough in the second half of the game. (I got ending #3)

a black window pops up and it says it is not responding, I am running windows 10.

I'm having issues running the game, everytime I open it the game freezes.

From what I understand, the minion is going along with it because he doesn't trust his boss (watched him kill another minion).

I am intrested in finding out who the kidnapper is.