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Thank you!

Yeah clicking the chapter two load worked for me, now theres just bugs with certain areas or certain characters freezing the game if you go to/talk to them on certain days, preventing some scenes from even proceeding. But that one i hear is another common one caused by this most recent update

ok! thank you a lot! Hope they can iron all this out cuz it seems fun. I'll give that a shot

I feel like im missing something, I got the game off the sale today and ive had some of the same issues detailed by other commentors here, like 7 days just being skipped right past and the install in the itch io app not working, i managed to get it through using the download on the itch website.

The character designs are nice and I am interested in this game but i feel like im missing out on most of it. 

Is this just how this version is and for the full thing i gotta get the chapter 1+2 bundle?

Pretty solid demo! I haven't gotten to the boss at the end yet, but I'll give my feedback on what I've played. The combat has a solid start! One MAJOR thing I gotta say is that not having combo finishers and just cycling the same two attacks 1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2 is very unsatisfying. So having combos end, and also maybe varying up the animation on each swing (like how Sora in kingdom hearts has 4 different animations for each swing in his 4 hit combo, since you yourself said KH was an inspiration) could go a LONG way.

Also, each monster feels like it has WAY too much health and takes too long to defeat. Like no regular enemy has that much health on the harder difficulties of Devil May Cry, and if they do, its a late game enemy that you are stronger and have more ablitites to dispatch that foe with. And having multiple groups of enemies with that much health is a pain.

But I wish you the best and for you to improve the game as much as ya can

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Its enjoyable! i love it! But the first boss takes WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to many hits. I swear I hit it like 35 times and it still didn't die.

Edit: Sorry, I was actually wrong on the boss, I just died a bunch of times and thats why it took forever.

But having to get an A rank to get to the boss level was kinda bleh. Maybe you could require the player to have a certain amount of the gold acorns instead? You dont have to listen to me if you dont want to of course, just tryin to give feedback I think could maybe help ya. Good luck with the full game!

Glad ya like your body at least sometimes! Im gettin bigger like you myself and I also like bein this way