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The demos really cool!!

Maybe its the shiny new side-on battle view dazzling me, but I feel the animation and art are once again better than ever. Cute, charming, and super good lookin. Getting to see the party in battle now is a fun addition.

The new battle system is fun! Bossfights were rad and I had some real close calls even on normal. Still tryin to wrap my head around the combo system a bit. I get the basics, but i dunno, i have like a nagging feeling im not quite getting a full grasp of it just yet. 

For whatever reason I'm like "there has to be a way to keep a combo going between from a shield remover and the Physical attacks that would benifit from removing that shield." I don't know why i think that, honestly I'm mostly talkin about this bit just to let it out of my system so i can stop thinkin about it. But again the battle system is fun.

All around a great time. I am already looking forward to the full game! Best of luck!

Ehhhh i disagree with this. Not liking the characters because they lash out is more of a taste thing. 
Also I feel like youre partially missing the point. Reca didnt even know about the energy affecting his emotions and if she did it wouldnt matter. 

Words can hurt people, regardless of if they were meant or not. And hearing your leader who youre supposed to save the world yell they hate you and then proceed to go "it wasnt me get over it guys" aint exactly going to magically fix that.

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Finally finished and gosh, what a game. Love the characters! Had me invested in them and the story the whole time. The connections to Soma Spirits were really good and enhanced both stories.

The art in torch60 games is always super good and fun, and Soma Union is better than ever. Charming and lovely. Cute and endearing character and enemy designs. Music was great too! Suited the journey and set the mood for whatever was happening at any given moment very well.

I almost forgot to mention the combat! Definitely very fun and good. The different roles add a real fun layer to it. Swapping between roles mid combat to get the right moves you need at the right time and how they can work with the other party members is so good. 

My favorite example is the elemental enchantments for regular attacks. An enemy is blocking magic attacks but is weak to fire? Swap Reca to support and have her enchant Zero's regular attack to deal physical fire damage. 

The enchantment applying to an attack the turn it is casted feels great and made it really fun and satsifying. Applying elemental enchantments in other rpgs ive played dont feel nearly as satisfying because you have to wait for the next turn to get the attack in.

Once again a great game from a great developer. 

Their best yet I'd say! Looking forward to the games planned next!

Finally went back and finished this. Super cool game! The art and character designs are especially fun, especially the beastmen hehe.

And gosh that story.

It's been a blast finally going back and finally finishing this and DYS. Your RPGs are a blast and I look forward to what you make next.

The games super rad! The art and music really pulled me in and I HAD to play more when i saw the Cyborg Mutant class looking like a certain masked hero. Gameplay itself is real fun too.

One little thing, instead of asking the player if they want to save when they select the save option, i feel like itd be smoother to just go right to the save menu when you select the button like most other games. The player still has the option to back out from that screen if they dont wanna save.

Super solid demo! Everythings real fun and the art for the main character is very rad. Lookin forward to see where this goes

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Had a good time with the demo! Lookin forward to the full thing.

The character designs/art is a real standout for me, its super rad and cute!

Couldnt figure out what to do with the ghosts though, pushed the tv cart inbetween those boxes and then a tv cart showed up in the wall below the first cart, but I couldnt really do anything when i went over by the ghosts. I probably just missed something but in case this is a bug or somethin i wanted to mention it here.

Once again im def lookin forward to the full game!

This is super cool!! I love the art and the combat is pretty solid already

Played it, and it was real fun! I love the art in this and the little stories that were there were fun. Don't really have much else to say beyond it was a good time!

If yall ever make another game I will 100% be there to see what it is because this was good work!!

Yeahhh I thought I was missing some words. Like I'm getting more into older RPGS because I discovered Breath of Fire 2 this year and I loved it to bits, so i dont mind harder RPGs. Just going up against like 2 enemies that took two hits and one that took 5 with only just the slash command felt a bit off lol.

Good to know that I actually was missing some words, will try goin back and lookin for them sometime, and then hopefully finishing the demo.

Played some of the demo and this is pretty cool! But either the balance is out of wack or im a dummy that just didnt find any of the extra moves because going through that cave with just attacking would probably take way too much grinding.

I bring this up though cuz otherwise this game is super cool already!

"A relaxed setting"

Jokes on you permanent monster death makes it immensely stressful looool (kidding. a bit. I do get very attached lol)

This games pretty cool even for me who kinda just plays by myself even in online games, love the critters!

Demo already has me sold on this, best of luck to you and i am looking forward to the full game. Love the art and animation!!

The demo is pretty fun! I have to say though i am not a fan of all the instant death stuff like being smushed by the boss or the acid you got to platform across.

Like if you want it to be challenging I feel, for at least a first area, anything killing you after your shield goes down is already enough. The first boss being able to just instantly reset the fight if you dont doge fast enough feels harsh.

That's just my personal taste there, even with my gripes with that, the demo was still real fun! The art and music are amazing! You got the start of somethin great.

Just played the demo and oh my god Marsh and his brother already break my heart these characters are great, really great and cool game already, cant wait to see the rest

I love the music! That DS-y soundfont is real good.

This game is good so far! Lookin forward to how it turns out!

From the hour i've played of this so far it is really interesting and cool! Characters are rad, and the whole reincarnation to gain skills and stats is pretty cool, especially after i went back to try Rxcovery.

Your games are extremely cool and i love your character designs. I can't wait to play more of this and whatever you end up making in the future!!

Played Adastra all in one sitting. Welp time to get my heart broken again...

the "go to earth for 8 years" ending

Tom is great and Jayce is super real. My heart breaks for him holy cow the poor guy. Well I'll just have to hook him up with Tom and get him some well deserved love. :P

Thank you!

Yeah clicking the chapter two load worked for me, now theres just bugs with certain areas or certain characters freezing the game if you go to/talk to them on certain days, preventing some scenes from even proceeding. But that one i hear is another common one caused by this most recent update

ok! thank you a lot! Hope they can iron all this out cuz it seems fun. I'll give that a shot

I feel like im missing something, I got the game off the sale today and ive had some of the same issues detailed by other commentors here, like 7 days just being skipped right past and the install in the itch io app not working, i managed to get it through using the download on the itch website.

The character designs are nice and I am interested in this game but i feel like im missing out on most of it. 

Is this just how this version is and for the full thing i gotta get the chapter 1+2 bundle?

Pretty solid demo! I haven't gotten to the boss at the end yet, but I'll give my feedback on what I've played. The combat has a solid start! One MAJOR thing I gotta say is that not having combo finishers and just cycling the same two attacks 1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2 is very unsatisfying. So having combos end, and also maybe varying up the animation on each swing (like how Sora in kingdom hearts has 4 different animations for each swing in his 4 hit combo, since you yourself said KH was an inspiration) could go a LONG way.

Also, each monster feels like it has WAY too much health and takes too long to defeat. Like no regular enemy has that much health on the harder difficulties of Devil May Cry, and if they do, its a late game enemy that you are stronger and have more ablitites to dispatch that foe with. And having multiple groups of enemies with that much health is a pain.

But I wish you the best and for you to improve the game as much as ya can

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Its enjoyable! i love it! But the first boss takes WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to many hits. I swear I hit it like 35 times and it still didn't die.

Edit: Sorry, I was actually wrong on the boss, I just died a bunch of times and thats why it took forever.

But having to get an A rank to get to the boss level was kinda bleh. Maybe you could require the player to have a certain amount of the gold acorns instead? You dont have to listen to me if you dont want to of course, just tryin to give feedback I think could maybe help ya. Good luck with the full game!

Glad ya like your body at least sometimes! Im gettin bigger like you myself and I also like bein this way