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Draco Dynasty

A member registered May 24, 2020

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It was a nice game. Thanks for making it :3

"You can press the SPACEBAR to jump (in windows version)"

Where is the windows version ? I see only an apk to download.

Had the same problem.
I tried again on the github version with the same outcome: couldn't buy the upgrade in either version.

(also, it's a shame that we can't export/import saves!)

Locked on after a number of upgrades. I can't get it past when it costs 15452.

There is a bug that ups the stats of all enemies whenever you try to fight against "true evil".
This can softlock you out of any progress very easily by having the lowest enemy have more attack than your HP, making every mob undefeatable.

To reproduce it, start a new game, repeatedly start and cancel the "true evil" mission. Try to fight the rat or any other mob and you'll see they have more stats that you can handle.

A very nice game.
Thanks for making it. Made for an enjoyable evening. :)