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yeah i figured it out

Game isn't bad but it has problems (spoilers):

-hitbox for items is weird, to read a note I had to look at... well air, sometimes on specific lines of pixels

-you have to do things in specific order otherwise game bugs - i inspected documents first (showed description of painting anyway) and then game didn't allow me to read a note on bookshelf. Bugged again after restart in the bedroom when I wanted to pick up the tape - it didn't allow me

-honestly why I am locked to check things in specific order? I am an investigator, allow me to look freely

-not exactly a problem but the hand in corridors could be little faster and less visible to create a doubt in player ("Did I actually see something or I am trippin?")

Also... was that a .png face from Mario creepypasta? 

actually a pretty cool game though I was pretty confused at first why she was killing me :) if i understand correctly - there are only 2 endings?

i really liked when character said "it's moping time" and moped all over the floor

well that was an... experience

Całkiem spoko, chociaż miałem trochę problem z RNG na początku :) No i trochę krótka.

Insanely good, wasn't exactly the scariest (though I jumped a little when my light exploded 2 times :) ) but had a really nice atmosphere. My probably biggest complaint is the way reviving works - after rescuing and reviving, if you want to play the character I rescued I have to go to room with water, click the button, drown, select in menu character I rescued and then go back to water room to help the guy I drowned, go to computer to revive him and then I can finally continue with story.

is there any reason to hide your flashlight?

From my understanding - this is the end. Maybe there are some secrets but I didn't check.

you have to jump into abyss

pretty cool, does something different happen if you collect all tapes?

Wow, that was actually boring.

And what's the deal with water anyway?

Really good game, I love how creepy it is and doesn't have loud .png jumpscares. Though the monster seem to respawn and despawn randomly, not sure but maybe it would be better to have him patrol area without despawning.

Meh. For most of the playthrough nothing really scary happens.

won in 2 rolls


This is actually a really nice game!

Despite being short, it had a nice atmosphere (especially in the end) and decent puzzles (not hard, but nicely done).

this is actually a really interesting idea for a game :) are you planning on adding puzzles or is it going to be more about stealth and looking for chests?

np, really nice idea and execution :)

Is there actually an ending or is it endless?

oh okay then


alt-right rabbit hole... Is that what it was supposed to be? Cuz I don't get it.

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For a first game it is not that bad. Liked the opening sequence where you have to click light switch first before actually moving. That sudden pop up "Press Shift to run" also made me feel a little uneasy :D If there is something I would change it is font - it doesn't really fit the game. Good luck with developing future projects. 

amazing tribute :)

Looks interesting, I will try to give it a try this/next week.

Nice to know! Feel free to inform me if there are any significant updates, I could replay the game then.

Yeah he was too slow to catch me and after few seconds he lost sight of me and just started patrolling some useless area.

What would make him a bigger threat... at the begginning of the game there is a scripted chase after you pick up a screwdriver - he starts banging at the door to get in. Maybe you could put another one somewhere (maybe when you get fuel into the bottle)? Increasing his movement speed slightly would also probably help.

So... is there another ending for collecting all evidence?

Finished just now. Definitely feels rough but I kind of enjoyed it anyway.

Enemy is pretty bad honestly and barely a threat.  Just trick him into a corner and run away as fast as you can. After this I could explore rooms without much problem.

Also - is there a different ending for collecting all evidence? I collected 7.

Ngl, the shader looks sick. Hope to see more games like these.

Not terrible although movement is kinda weird... like my character is "sliding"?

Actually a cool experience :D Love the sound design.

thanks for answer

On a second note - sad that your version didn't get much attention. I wish more popular youtubers played it.

So yeah I completed the game :D

And what can I say... it was amazing. Challenging puzzles, interesting story and multiple endings (3 done, 2 more to go). On my first try I got Oxalis and D rank D:

5 stars. By the way another question for the puzzle:






Last part of the game, that one with shadows where you had to put statues and light. There were 3 shapes that translated to the code -045.

One is missing. How do I know the first digit?

Nice atmosphere, was turning to see if something is on my back :D

Thank you so much!

Love the game, hope to see more from you in the future :3

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[Yes, I am THAT dumb.]

The puzzles in this one are quite hard lol.
I wanted to ask - is there like text explanation of all puzzles? Like I just stumbled upon the clock puzzle and [Spoilers ahead]




I am kinda confused. The book that lists deaths have 0, 3, 5, 1 numbers colored. After thinking for a bit I checked your walkthrough and the answer is 03:15... Did I missed some note that explains the order?


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Finished it today, so few words from me.

The idea to make Ao Oni 3D is cool, though there are a lot of things that need to get fixed:

-texts need spellcheck

-walls can bug you and teleport to different place.

-the camera is quite bad, i would prefer more freedom without being forced to look at certain things. It also slowly goes down idk why.

-afaik controls aren't consistent - once 1 is for climbing onto chair and then it changes 1 to moving the chair.

-clicking the item on inventory automatically combines it with the other one. Like come on - I am the one that is supposed to complete the puzzle.

-maybe instead of copying the game 1:1 you would add some extra stuff/locations/items/puzzles?

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Cool concept, nice atmosphere. Tho corridors can be a bit frustrating as there are a lot of invisible walls.


Liked the way monster showed up, the shadow actually scared me :D