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You do realize this fee bullshit was resolved months ago

congrats, you managed to turn the worst game I've ever played, into a slightly less terrible game. As in it actually controls better than drake of the 99 dragons.

Honestly that's kinda my problem with these types of games, (doesn't help either that most m2f tf themed stories are used in porn) no offense midnoblu.

well unity just killed itself and unless they can go back on bullshit before January 1st, this and every other indie game unsing unity is fucked. And this is coming from someone who dosn’t even care about this game (I’d rather play a sfw varient of this concept the whole robot girlfriend bit I mean, but that’s not your goal here now is it) anyway the whole game industry is pissed.

Well unity has just committed suicide

And What if the mc's personality on that playthrough is in such a way she doesn't even care about that.

Can you please add an option to keep a bush when doing gymnastics.

you might want to update it here too.

Rats rats we're the rats

so why then does it say in development?

In the part where you reunite with Chiaki after becoming the demifiend, when you convince her it’s really you, the only option that works is killing her. The other option is an error

mostly in the beta content portions, but also getting errors in some places in the prologue

By rolled out next chunk for testers , you mean, put it in the current public build behind a code that one can easily find by looking at the source code, and still having broken options.

is this still being worked on?


normally I despise Akechi x Joker with a passion, but my god is this well made.

should I be worried SCP 106 is here, let alone allowed a computer.

Is that Jason Voorhees on the thumbnail?

what was the update

Changeling Tale community · Created a new topic Question

I'm not saying make it happen right now, but have you thought of making an asexual route? As in the sex scenes never occur in universe if that route is taken. Nudity is fine though.

so you are eating the game?

ok, but why though?

bringer of what though? (This is a joke)

is the suntan cheat only with bikini tanlines?

thanks I hate it.

The thumbnail image look awfully similar to official artwork for Mark of the Ninja.

I thought you meant Windows.

No offense, but why are you using vista.


Will there be a mac version?