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Gutty and Thomas,

I hope there's more planned for this game, because what you pulled off in 72H has me waiting for more! The pixel-art visuals are superb and the combat/choice of weapons makes for great fun. 

Just an FYI, there were a few levels where I could ascend past the top of the viewable screen and keep running.

Again, I hope there's more planned for this project - this was dynamic, detailed and downright stressful (in just the right amount.)

😁 yeah, I'm fairly oblivious. Appreciate you taking the time to respond!

Michael and Team,

This game nails atmospherics and subtlety. No lie, I was basically in a constant state of alert (and still got surprised a couple of times.)

My only ask/idea, if you were to make any changes, would be to scale up the amount of time you need to keep the flashlight on the creature based on the number of encounters you have with it.

Still a great showing for a jam-turned-beta game - awesome work all!

 Thanks, Michael - appreciate the reply, and thanks for the clarification!

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Update: New video posted after playing the update - thank you for letting me know!

I think you have a great concept with a nice set of visuals that fit the game and genre. I imagine this would work fairly well as a mobile release, too. Best of luck on the rest of development!

Iceberg and Winglett Teams: this was such an enjoyable demo. You've cultivated a delightful balance between careful strategy, panic driving and hilarious ridiculousness. I can't wait for more cars, more courses and more modes of transportation!

My only small gripe: the stacking controls were a little jumpy, but I almost see that as a positive, adding to the absurdity.
Cheers - this is going to be a smash!

Noiseminded, my friend, you nailed a terrifying atmosphere in a minimalist environment! I had a sense of dread throughout my playthrough, especially after I encountered the Anomaly.

My only request would be to indicate what the objective is at the beginning of the game (I wandered aimlessly for a bit lol), but the rest of what you have here is done quite well. Best of luck in the rest of the development; I'd love to see a second part (and more).

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BRIAN! My brain hurts, but I (finally) got the PC unlocked... after 2ish hours.

This was an amazing demo - incredibly put-together, clean character models, unsettlingly silent atmosphere; the list goes on and on. This has more character, plot and detail than 'full' games that charge $3-8. Best of luck on the rest of the development. 


-MikeCP (ech0)

I haven't played any of your other games (that'll have to change), so I wasn't sure what to expect when I downloaded this, but the unexpected absurdity was great. This was quite amusing!

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Angela He, thank you for sharing such a personal experience with us.  Amazing artwork and visuals. 

Check this one out!