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Updating what? A bhaptics support update is in the works, but that may take a bit still...

I finally got the PCVR Version of my new game done. It's free, as always, but feel free to buy me a beer if you like it.

Summary: Cactus Cowboy is back in a new VR First Person Shooter adventure. Free Cactus World from the alien robot invasion with the help for your huge arsenal of deadly weapons. Shoot your way from your Cacti Desert all the way to the moon and fight back the Invasion alongside with the mighty cactus army! Free Cactus City and help the cacti of the windmill woods out of the misery.

A full fledged story game (at least 3.5h in dev speedrun) that will require all your shooting and moving skills combined. No random mission clicking, no waves - just a good old semi linear story.

Get it here: Cactus 3

🌵🌵 Cactus 3 is in development. It gonna be more like serious sam but with cacti

I believe in free software and some assets I used are CC-non commercial. 

Can do.

Update and try again. Made a mistake packing the game.

Should work now. My bad.

So, it is working for you now? (⊙_⊙)?

(2 edits)

This is weird. Its supposed to run in Oculus native mode.  I'll check that asap.

Edit: My bad packing the game. there was a deprecated dll file in the pack

Nope, just run the Steamvr.bat and you should be good to go.

If you coudl let me know if it works would be great! It's made for Oculus and only runs though ReVive (included)

I'd say it's a masterpiece 11/10

Another bump for Quest Version, or Open Source so others can. 

Bump for Quest, even is sideload only