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No granular synthesis! the keys in the cafe track were the simplest fm patch, and the glitchy beeps were random square-wave arps

and thank you! I'm glad you liked the music!

Hello! I'm a composer who specializes in moody ambient and indie pop/electronic instrumentals.

 Here is my portfolio: 

And here is a game I composed for:

Is there somewhere I can get in touch? I'm on discord Downhill2k01#1494

yeah this hits

oh, by the way here's what my music sounds like. Excited to see how the game turns out!

If you need a composer for custom music hit me up, I've been a big fan of PAGSS for a while and I think it's influenced me as a creative.

My portfolio!

For ambient music:

For electronic (Mostly Hip-Hop and dnb):

Prefer contact through Instagram because I check it the most often (@Downhill2k01) but I'm Downhill2k01#1494 on discord. 

look forward to working with you!



legendary comment

my email is

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hello! I am a producer/composer who specializes in moody dance music and ambient. 

I have some experience, having done the Soundtrack to Liars maze

Here is where I post most of my ambient/soundtrack-y music

Here is my main, where i have Hip Hop and dance music

contact me with information about your project and a budget! i look forward to working with you

I'm most active on Instagram @Downhill2k01

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is there a way for this to work on mac?

or I guess you can just reply to this

Hello! I have been a musician for ~3 years, and i have some very limited sound design experience. ive linked some sample tracks below, and if you are interested send me an email at