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Would be cool if this could be ported to be an XMPP client

So nostalgic. Would love to be able to host a server for this so we don't have to be on the same network.

The game looks and plays awesome. Can't wait to see more cards, and maybe some more dungeon tile sets. Only hassle I had was with the entanglement card; it was unclear from the card text when the damage happened (might just be because I'm an idiot). Would also be cool if there was alternate characters who have different hand sizes,  draw rates, and melee damage that you unlock as you play. Overall can't wait for the full version.

This game actually inspired me to try the Battle Network games and have confirmed the need for displaying the aoe. BN is a lot slower than your game so you get plenty of time to line stuff up and you can read spell descriptions mid battle with the psuedo-turn system. I love the pace though, lends itself really well to a rogue-like which you are likely to play over and over.

Really slick little demo. One feature that would be helpful is a way to see the aoe of a spell. Maybe let the player hold down the spell button to the display the aoe and then release to cast or press another button to cancel.

The core concept is fun and I would love to see it applied to a larger game or a set narative. A few technical problems in the animation but otherwise looks fantastic.

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Thanks man. I'll take a look. I actually added the feature of the ship changing colour specifically so you don't have to look at the meter once you have the timing.

Thanks man

I have zero musical talent so if someone wanted to add music they are welcome to but I can't really do it myself. There is a little "drum" sound that goes off at the start of the input window but that's about all I can manage

Damn looks like I need more coffee. Glad you enjoy it.

I am in complete awe of the fact that this game was made using Pico-8. A technical marvel

This game is fantastic! Any chance of getting a copy of the cart so I can learn how you did some of the effects you did?