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The game looks and plays awesome. Can't wait to see more cards, and maybe some more dungeon tile sets. Only hassle I had was with the entanglement card; it was unclear from the card text when the damage happened (might just be because I'm an idiot). Would also be cool if there was alternate characters who have different hand sizes,  draw rates, and melee damage that you unlock as you play. Overall can't wait for the full version.


Lovely to hear that you enjoyed the game!

I appreciate your feedback and you can be sure that the final version of the game will have tons of content, unique cards, meaningful strategies, and interesting level designs for each of the featured dungeons!

For now, I can tell you that this prototype version will be receiving an update any time soon with some text corrections and more precise information to help the understanding of the mechanics ;)


Hey there! It's been a while but I think that you are going to enjoy our huge status update, we got plenty of new stuff

:) Best,