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Hello. This is my first devlog so I have no idea how to make one Lol. But anyway I have been working on a Top down shooter roguelike for two weeks and am hoping to finish it by the end of October. The first thing I added was procedural generation. Which took me a while because at first I followed a tutorial but it was not exactly what I wanted. So I decided to make my own system which was surprisingly easy. I had finished all of the room generation in 4 days. Next I started working on a bunch of guns these are some of the ones I added: Glock, Uzi, Bren and a dozen more. I plan to have around 30 guns in the finished game. After that I added to enemy's a wasp that follows you and occasionally dashes and a cobra enemy which follows you until you are in range then they open fire.

here they are in action.  I also added chests that give you a random weapon.  That's all I have for now. I will hopefully post a devlog next week for now bye.


Icons blurry on windows version :(

New record:

My best time is 1:44 :)

Good game.

I will not use these.

Thanks for playing! 


If you comment about hating coffee your comment will be deleted!


This game lacks depth!



This was quite fun!

Try game 68 lol.

Game 39 gives you a lot of points!

Your welcome.

Your welcome! :)

Wow these games are so underrated! It was totally awesome!

This was quite fun.

It it's very fun but I don't think the bird and water sprite fit in.

Your welcome! And yah I agree its pretty weird.

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Watched the video and the game is pretty fun! But it would be nice if the controls were 

W-A-S-D.  But besides that its perfect!

LOL. I am glad you like it though and I think you will be pleased to know that I'm working on a HUGE update! That will have 30 or more skins, achievements, different worlds, and a couple easter eggs!

Fun game except the boss is nearly imposible!



Fun game.

Thats ok.

Heres my game

Heres my game :)

I got to wave 17 :)

Its a fun game but I think it needs a bit more variety, like maybe different enemy types or garbage grabbers, but all in all it is a fun game!

Here's my game :)

Thanks for you feed back! I think I might fix that in an update!

I like it, but it would be nice if you had more darts. All in all it is a fun game!

Whats your high score?

Its a bit harder then I thought it would be!