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Grass cutting simulator. At least we now know what Zelda did in retirement.

I love the gameplay. Slick opener!!! Nice work.

Nice simple pixel fighter.

Simple game. Cute launch screen.

My keyboard didn't survive this strange mashup. Whacky but fun.

Weird but hilarious take on PacMan. Love the look.

sounds and looks cool. But I couldn't figure out the controls.

Kirby would be proud.

OMG that was stranger than Katamari. I didn't think that was possible. I loved the soundtrack.

wow super weird but I love it. And my end screen even glitched out. I'm not sure if it was part of the style. Works for me all the same.

Super cute sprites. Nice work.

Lofi fun. I tried so many times to make it to the top.

Too funny. Tak that grandma!!!!!

Great little game. Me and the kids played lots of rounds of this. Well done.

Loved the game mechanic. Cool art.

Nice work! Great finished product and fun too.

Strange game but I laughed the whole time. Loved it.

Fun little game. Nice take on the theme.

Afterburner mashed with Tempest gameplay. Nice work.

Cute platformer. Eggcellent

Classic snake vs fun

Love it. I think I saw thisin an arcade in Canada in the 80s!!!!!

Retro vectors. Cool stuff!!

Quirky platformer battle. Nice art. Well done

Great 2 player version of the original missile command. Nice work

It's like a 3rd person mine sweeper. Great concept!!

nice retro art style. :

Groovy music. Although the controls were a bit lost on me. But I understood after a couple of tries. :

I love the style. Street fighter look out. Definitely on par with Kung Fury!!

Really interesting control system. And wild GFX. :)

So much fun!!! Although I don't know if my keyboard will survive the button mashing. :)

Snake Gear Solid!!!! Nice work. Ticks all the Duplicade boxes.

CRAZY!!!!!!!! My matches ended up being a loud button mash fest!!! Cool fun!

Nice work!! Great well rounded game and presentation. Well done!

Great theme mashup. And nice music.

Whacky rolling Mario heads... I don't know what I'm playing... but its a real trip! :)

Bwahhhhhhhaahhhhahhh. Love IT!!!!! Twitch FPS on an arcade machine awesome. The only issues it only lasts 30 seconds... if you survive that long.

Great take on the DDR genre. If I only had a dance pad, if only I could dance... actually keyboard is fine. Nice work.

Whacky Smash Bros mash up. Cool game.