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Aw inspiring game. Some ideas for future features!

  •  Leaderboard  - It would be fun to compete with people in my country or even globally. If you eventually sell on steam, you could integrate your friends scores' there.   If you're interested in collaborators , let me know , this is something I have some experience with :)
  • Multiplayer  - A huge project, but it would be awesome to compete with my friends in trying to get the highest score.
  • Difficulty Settings -  It would be fun to have an  extreme mode where you don't get access to the world map or compass. You'd  have to rely on geography alone.
  • New planes -  Perhaps your score could be converted into money and you could use money to buy new planes. Some planes could go faster then others, some might increase the money earned per package, and maybe some could unlock holding more packages.
  • Some sort of progression  - This ties into the new planes thing, but I wonder if you could start with a plane that can't go very fast at all , but it limits you to cities in Europe. As you upgrade your plane , you get access to countries farther away which mean greater travel distances and therefore greater profits.

1 2 and 3 trigger different viewmodes. 1 will toggle birds eye view

Need beta testers?

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You can the download with a specific OS:

Would you be interested in sending me the raw unity source? I might be able to compile a macOS version.

Can you include the windows tag? I downloaded it for mac all excited and was kinda disappointed.

How's the game coming guys?

Do I get the techs unlocked via Patreon if I pay for the game on itch?

Does this mean the teleportation storage we have right now will no longer work?

Found out you can use bathtubs to wash em

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I can't seem to open the .ai version. Is there a chance you can send a high rez .png version with the set? Also, this looks absolutely gorgeous. 

I feel awful for wasting them. How do I clean them?

That would be awesome if you continued it!

I love these! Would you happen to have structures for them too? Or some ideas of where to find ones that match?

Offering to compile a mac version. PM on twitter @dotjersh if interested.