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Mac and Linux versions Sticky

A topic by Dr. Whoop created 93 days ago Views: 1,096 Replies: 9
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Developer (Edited 1 time)

Unfortunately Unreal engine 4 can only make Mac versions if you are using a Mac computer, and I don't own one.

Hopefully this will change in the future or I can work out another arrangement, but at the moment I can't promise a mac version any time soon.

A Linux version will probably be easier, but again I don't have Linux on any PC at the moment and I'm busy working on the game itself.

I strongly intend for both Mac and Linux to be supported for the finished version of the game.

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please fix it I don't want to use directx runtime thank you

is linux coming?


Yes I want to do a Linux version too, though again I can't give any accurate time frame for it, sorry.


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Have you tried running Linux & Mac in a Virtual Machine? Mac tutorial in video. The title is slightly misleading. For linux, here should be a pointer. Hope this helps! To access windows files, use this.

I have Linux computers If you want to work something out.

Where can i find the mac download

Offering to compile a mac version. PM on twitter @dotjersh if interested.


I really appreciate people offering their Macs, but hopefully you understand that there are many reasons I can't just send the entire project+source to someone on the internet, the least of which is that it's ~10GB.