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Mac and Linux versions Sticky

A topic by Dr. Whoop created 239 days ago Views: 2,342 Replies: 20
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Developer (Edited 1 time)

Unfortunately Unreal engine 4 can only make Mac versions if you are using a Mac computer, and I don't own one.

Hopefully this will change in the future or I can work out another arrangement, but at the moment I can't promise a mac version any time soon.

A Linux version will probably be easier, but again I don't have Linux on any PC at the moment and I'm busy working on the game itself.

I strongly intend for both Mac and Linux to be supported for the finished version of the game.

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please fix it I don't want to use directx runtime thank you

is linux coming?


Yes I want to do a Linux version too, though again I can't give any accurate time frame for it, sorry.


you could use a virtual machine to simulate mac, or see if a friend has one, or even send it to me and i might be able to...

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Have you tried running Linux & Mac in a Virtual Machine? Mac tutorial in video. The title is slightly misleading. For linux, here should be a pointer. Hope this helps! To access windows files, use this.

I have Linux computers If you want to work something out.

Where can i find the mac download

Offering to compile a mac version. PM on twitter @dotjersh if interested.


I really appreciate people offering their Macs, but hopefully you understand that there are many reasons I can't just send the entire project+source to someone on the internet, the least of which is that it's ~10GB.

Is mac version ready? Where can I download it? :)

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On the subject of Linux, would you be willing to do A mobile port of the game? Somebody else tried to make something like this, but it failed brilliantly.


My priority is getting the PC version done but yeah sure, I'd like to do a mobile version eventually.

Do you have a link/name for the game which failed?

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It took a little digging. No clue how I found it in the first place, but here it is. As you can see by the description, it is a complete clone of your game... other than that it's broken.




Thanks a lot for bringing it to my attention!


Yeah, it's bad. I don't think you have to worry about competition.

I will offer to test a mac version

you could offer a temporary download for the game on mac that would be bundled with wine (a macOS app that runs .exe files)

If you are willing, I could compile it for you. I have a fully spec-ed out MacBook Pro (16 GB RAM, 8 Core i7, etc.) I understand if not though. I wouldn't just give out my source code to random people myself...


Thanks for the offer but yeah like you say, I can't really do that.

Even beyond this specific aspect, even if I had a Mac right now it's another job to get the game working well when I'm already stretched getting the Windows version ready. Hopefully I'll have more time available once things have settled after launch and I can stop speaking in such vague terms.