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Is there currently any way to use line tasks to connect distant tasks as children of other items, the same way that next-line indentation does? I think this would be a great feature, the ability to have functional/meaningful relationships across the board. I didn't want to post this to suggestions in case I'm just missing something.

As a sort of middle ground, especially if a setting for changing the fonts is to be added at some point, I think smooth zoom would work well as an optional thing. I agree it would be a nice-to-have, though.

Thanks for the reply, I'm glad it's on the list!

It would be great to have a much smaller dialog for editing task details. Currently, it feels like opening a new window, some kind of modal shift in the program, because it's almost fullscreen. Since none of the editing GUI takes up the full dialog and there's a lot of empty space, it would make it feel much more "inline" if it were a smaller window.