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great, even on my phone.

that's fair. I'm pretty disabled so once you convert for that 9th place in gameplay is basically winning.

yeah no shit. im getting sea sickness just commenting. this dev is insultuing disabled people while physically hurting them.

next time will be better. but i had a great time and i learned a bunch. and i learned hosts web games for free. if i had known that, I'd have done this last year. thanks for doing this.

no offense. and it's me that's thanking you. i really appreciate your art. the sprites from your game were amazing.

haha. you kidding? it inspired the whole project. then i hadto re-color it to unify it with other stuff and then i remixed in with tilesetter, but i couldn't do better by myself. 

oops typo in my post "without the funky controls." 

having to press the enter and esc key a lot while also using mouse is work for the arms. i like where this was going.

this is great.

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its like double dragon but without the funky control scheme. i even have eds and pots but i didn't think of adding no logo to my game, that's some fancy snes stuff. i really liked it.

still looks and handles great. wish you has put out a little more obstucles to test it out and enjoy these sweet chiptunes.