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this is awesome. i wish it had more customization so it could be more effectively used for TTRPGs. the visual of these are perfect. i have a couple of feature requests but some are pie in the sky wishes, you'll know whats doable and whats not. 

  • in the settings tab, id love any of the following options:
    • amount of planets, min-max range.
    • moons per planet, min-max range.
    • a name list to add names to be applied, in case you are creating a system for which you need certain named planets to be present.
    • a option for amount of asteroids
    • an option to add space stations, just asteroids with a different orbit and icon.

thank you. that was a very fast response.

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i may be missing the obvious, by why is the blank character sheet not downloadable on this website, nor even contained within the rule book? in order to find a blank character sheet, i had to go to your website and download the play pack. it would be much more convenient if it was downloadable on this itch page.

which charity?

wait thats intentional? have you tried using it? cuz there are huge issues with the android that goes well beyond the keyboard hiding itself when you bring up the console that can only be interacted to with the keyboard. the app needs a [ctrl] button too be even close to usable. theres so much wasted space too in portrait mode there could be a keyboard bar with the +, -, =, {, }, [ctrl btn] that are really annoying to have to get from the keyboard submenus.

its frustraiting cuz if it werent for these issues, this would be a 5 star, top notch android fantasy computer of my dreams. its soo close. but they you try to type something in it and it all falls apart.

followed. and for the record, im not promising to buy the full version im just saying there's a good idea here, i think lots of people might enjoy if packaged right.

probably, lets see if i can figure out how to do that.

wow. interesting. creative. love the art style. great stuff.

at first i hated it but now i little bit love it. really creative. go deeper into this idea cuz theres a really good idea in here.

love the idea, theres a great game in that idea. kinda like infectinator in reverse. i loved infectinator on flash. great work.

the gfx were good. 2006-era shockwave game good. this wasnt strictly out of control, there was no control. there is no basis from which to guess so what is the actually game part?

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i was completely unable to control creamboy. i can only give 2 stars for fun because the funness of saying cream boy. my gf and both enjoyed saying it and then i gave 2 stars for fun.

the idea is good, needs a little more love to be great. comes off a bit frustrating.

the idea is good, needs a little more love to be great. comes off a bit frustrating.

really great.

its cool but needs a sell max/buy max button. my mouse finger needs a break but a got a que of games to get thru.

well, i couldnt make this in 2 days, so you up on me. i feel bad but i have to low ball cuz its only the framework of a game. good 3d attempt though. i love the idea of the repeating stairwell. i always love those short cheap horror experiences. your next one will be better.

its ok but its not really playable on my small netbook screen.

its a great idea. hope youll flesh it out cuz i can totally see myself spending some time with some version of this idea.

really liked the idea, with a some work on the levels this could be a real thing.

this is good for a first attempt. similar to my first attempt actually. im sure the next one will be better.

this game is the perfect reduction of the the platformer. its so good. really good job. multi controls and 4-btn gameplay expanded to its traditional special moves, double jump wall-jump, etc., and put into a simple but beautiful minimal pixel art frame. just enough story cuz this is a straight platforming and the story simply frames it. im low mobility disabled but i found no problems with a platformer is a huge deal. thanks buddy. cheers

great, even on my phone.

that's fair. I'm pretty disabled so once you convert for that 9th place in gameplay is basically winning.

yeah no shit. im getting sea sickness just commenting. this dev is insultuing disabled people while physically hurting them.

next time will be better. but i had a great time and i learned a bunch. and i learned hosts web games for free. if i had known that, I'd have done this last year. thanks for doing this.

no offense. and it's me that's thanking you. i really appreciate your art. the sprites from your game were amazing.

haha. you kidding? it inspired the whole project. then i hadto re-color it to unify it with other stuff and then i remixed in with tilesetter, but i couldn't do better by myself. 

oops typo in my post "without the funky controls." 

having to press the enter and esc key a lot while also using mouse is work for the arms. i like where this was going.

this is great.

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its like double dragon but without the funky control scheme. i even have eds and pots but i didn't think of adding no logo to my game, that's some fancy snes stuff. i really liked it.