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This was fantastic. I did not expect a boss fight. I felt like I was back in Celeste fighting Badeline (my favorite part of that game).

Great game but some of the randomly generated levels can be too hard. Could use some more balancing and better level generation.

It's nice seeing something from you guys again. I'm excited for Project Kat.

Hello, your rules said to comment if I want to use your assets in anything other than games. I'm making a dialogue manager/visual novel plugin for the Godot game engine and I would like to use your assets for the examples.

It's going to be uploaded in the Godot asset library. The assets are gonna be used in the example screenshots and maybe even a sample project. I'll include credits in the page and also your rules.txt files in the sample project.

I had a great time with this! The characters were all pretty entertaining. I just wish there was more of it. With 6 characters in a VN this short, it really does kinda leave you wishing there was more. I don't know if you still plan on updating this game. If you do, I hope you can make the characters romanceable.

This felt magical! I just love the atmosphere. It's so cinematic and magical. The story feels like an animated short I would have loved to have seen as a kid. 

I'm not the biggest fan of old school fairytales, but this has just the right amount of darkness (or I guess gothicness?) to suit my taste. Not to mention that it's wonderfully told! The tone kinda reminds me of the live action Peter Pan movie from 2003, which is one of my favorite movies of all time. I even imagined the story as being narrated by the same narrator as that movie lol!

You're writing is really amazing. It makes me wonder what you're history is in terms of writing. 

It might be a  bit hard for some to figure out how to get the good ending, but I think it's pretty standard to have to look up an ending guide for VNs anyway. I was able to get endings D, C and A with no problem though. I only had to use the guide for ending B (which was surprisingly creepy btw).

I'm definitely looking forward to your NaNoRenO entry!

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This game is so unbelievably good! Easily the best VN I've played on Itch so far! It's been on my list for sometime and I'm glad I finally got to play it.

This one's going on my favorites list. I'm looking forward to checking out your other stuff!


I love the thought that went into all of the endings. Many VNs I've seen just add alternate endings for the sake of having them. These endings and the choices leading to them all felt really meaningful. And I like the fact that players are likely to get the "bad" endings first. It makes the true ending more impactful.

I've officially played all your VNs now! It's amazing to see how far your art has progressed!

This one might be my least favorite though. I was far more invested in the characters in Fetch Quest and Red-Handed Robin. Dex feels really bland compared to the characters from the other two VNs.

I'm surprised that I actually preferred the platonic ending to this one. Probably because I wasn't invested enough in Dex's character to really ship them, and also because I didn't buy that they'd develop feelings that quickly. As opposed to the other two VNs where the pairings had already known each other before the story even started which made the romance more natural.

I am happy to see that the trend of the protagonist being the cutest character in the story still continues!

Decided to play another one of you're VNs after I played Fetch Quest. You're really good at writing female protagonists! I really enjoyed this one, though it didn't really go the way I expected. 

Personally I think any type of supernatural twist should be introduced really early on in the story, otherwise it just kinda comes out of nowhere. It kinda clashed with what I was expecting to get out of the game. Nonetheless, it was still pretty fun. Good enough to be a commercial release tbh.

I'm probably gonna play it again to get Wren's route since I got Jay's. Then I'll probably play Pirated Code too next.

I love it! What a neat idea for a framing device. Loads of charm and fun in this one! I also really like the fact that Todd basically dies in every ending 😂

Obviously Dan's the real best boy though. Wished there could have been a route for him too 😜

Great game so far. The art is amazing!

I really want to play more, but for some reason the main menu buttons stopped working, even though the steam and feedback buttons still worked.

It's my first time seeing someone play through my game. Thanks!

Thanks for playing!

It actually does get more difficult. The arrows start to spawn and move faster over time, especially around 150.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much! It was my 48-hour jam so I decided to do something super simple. Glad you enjoyed it!

Yup. That was the inspiration for this game. Thanks for playing!

Not really an Undyne stan, I just really liked that fight. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

I did originally intend it to be distinguishable which direction the rotation was going to be, but I ended up liking the rush that comes from the uncertainty. So I kept it that way.

Thanks for playing!

Nice! Thanks for playing!

Glad you enjoyed it! The 270 degree turn was a quirk with how I was rotating it in Godot. I couldn't really figure out how to fix it. But it shouldn't affect gameplay since all rotations take the same amount of time. 

Yeah the color palette definitely came to bite me when it came to the ingredients. I did intend to have multiple customer sprites though, I just ran out of time.

Glad you enjoyed the game!

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This was so great! There's a lot of juice to this game. I love the music and the sfx, they make the fights feel even cooler. The stylized screen whenever the player or an enemy dies is also super cool! Animations were also really good. You were able to pack a lot of personality especially with the second boss. I love that guy!

 A little bit hard, though. And I keep forgetting that I can roll, and I didn't quite know which attacks I could roll through. My only real gripe is the weird controls. Mixing x/c with the spacebar was just really hard. Wish you used the z key instead or the up arrow.

I think this might be my (new) favorite entry so far!

Thank s for playing! I'm glad someone appreciated the flavor text lol! 

Thank you!

Thank you! Yeah, I intended it to have some silly orders lol. Hopefully, it wasn't too confusing.

I found the blasting mechanic to be kinda hard. Now seeing the screenshots, It seems I wasn't using it the way you intended. I kept using it as a second jump. I think this game could potentially benefit from not having a jump ability at all, to reinforce the blaster as being the primary mechanic.

I really wish there was some music. It's a bit harder to get immersed in a visual novel style game without music. Also, I encountered a bug where the dialogue wouldn't move forward.

I love it! With some other games, they feel constrained by the small resolution, but I think you really make it work! The art is also really gorgeous , and the story is funny and charming. I especially love the class rep's entrance XD. I'd actually want to see more!

It actually feels pretty polished to me. My only gripe is that you can't skip through dialogue. Otherwise, great entry!

Thanks! I figured since it's a small resolution, small palette might also be nice.

Thank you!

some objects such as the dough can be placed down. Click on the dough then click on the table. Some objects can be used on other objects. Click on the rolling pin then click on the dough.

Oh lol the pizza's still there. The color just turned darker because It's cooked and the oven's light is off. Just click the oven and then click the table to take it out. Maybe I shouldn't have made the pizza the same color as the inside of the oven.

Hmm... I've never had that happen when I was testing it. Can you show a screenshot? 

Yeah, unfortunately i didn't have time to make new customer sprites. But that was the original plan. 

Thanks for playing. Glad you liked it.

You always make the best arcade games! And in 12 freaking hours, you managed to make the most fun game I've played so far in this jam! Although, the game crashes sometimes when I die though. Otherwise, another banger! I here by offer you the crown as king of game jams!

I didn't quite understand what to do with the burger with whatever that red thing was. I kept getting that order wrong. And there seems to be a bug where customers would take the same position, and both of them would receive the order.

I haven't played a breakout game in years. Nice work on making me nostalgic!

The art is awesome. I really love how the character twirls around after finishing a level!

I got stuck cuz I really didn't know what to do with the birds. Otherwise, nice game. Love the aesthetic.