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what is the licensing? Can i use these in a commercial project or no?  

can this export the game so it can be givin to friends and family?

amazing work as always. purchased and will credit in project. 

will these work in Game Maker Studio 2?

wait the creator of this died?

Okay sorry figured i would ask.. just out of curiosity..again sorry 

by the way will the paid version of the pack get updates for free?

its my fault actually.. im use to games that dont take that extra step to turn wheat in grains. im use to plat wheat grow wheat harvest wheat mill wheat lmao

Okay so i did some testing and its not a bug..i was not assigning a flailing spot to make grain to make the flower in the NO BUG there

i put the mill inside a building with the wheel inside and the windmill outside and assign the proper zone and a family to it and does not make anything and no one ever goes in..i even put a barrel used to store food stuff in there and nothing

Okay will do once NPC's and Player sprites get added i shall work on my project

By the way i forgot how you want to be credited in the games credits?

Seems when i assign a family to the mills they dont work at all...Is this a bug or how do i get them to work?

so for me it will be $3.99 USD?

are these 20 px tall

when will npc and players be added?

can i use all your work in commercial projects?

are these animated or static?

are these animated or just static?

i will be using this in a un-named game and wondering how you would like to be credited in the credits of the game?

going along slow due to me being the only developer on the project.

Thanks mate..will purchase when i get paid!

Where are the icons from if you dont mind me asking?

can i use these in commercial games i make or no?

Will be using these in my up and coming action role playing dungeon crawler game

Will be using your assets in a action role playing dungeon crawler game i am developing!

is this only 16x16?

how do you want to be credited?

can this be used for commercial games or just non commercial games?

may not be the best game but i will link you to a demo when it is avalable!

Will be using these in my Action-Role Playing Game!

amazing work..

What gives?

are these only side scrolling assets?

still working on this or no

have textures?

so this is only for unity? i use and engine called Coppercube 6.

do these come with an .fbx so i can animate them myself?

do you have any icons that have like food and raw foods and fish and other food related stuff?