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Will be using these in my up and coming action role playing dungeon crawler game

Will be using your assets in a action role playing dungeon crawler game i am developing!

is this only 16x16?

how do you want to be credited?

can this be used for commercial games or just non commercial games?

may not be the best game but i will link you to a demo when it is avalable!

Will be using these in my Action-Role Playing Game!

amazing work..

What gives?

are these only side scrolling assets?

still working on this or no

have textures?

so this is only for unity? i use and engine called Coppercube 6.

do these come with an .fbx so i can animate them myself?

do you have any icons that have like food and raw foods and fish and other food related stuff?

32 bucks for the fbx *laughs*

where is the textures? i cannot find them and they did not download!

OMG thank you so much..will save so much time learning how to animate from a model lmao

are these animated for say like attacking or chopping with or bow animations?

is this animated or do i have to animate it for say chopping wood or attacking?

Thank you for such great work...will be using this in my game and wondering how you would like to be credited in the credits for my game!?

can this be used for action role playing hack and slash games?

What type of potions are there in this pack?

Okay so is this just the menu showed or is this easy to use for other menu pages like sound graphics ect...?

is this for side scrolling or can be 4 directional?

so these are not for a dungeon crawler game just turn based RPG?

Will be using this asset in an un-named Survival game i am developing...Will credit and link to game when a working demo is released!

Is it possible to change the textures to png cause that is what my engine supports!?

You ever gonna add textures to this?

the models work in my engine just not the textures drat

The purchased pack does not include any of the additional assets listed!

any textures with this

Animated? Rigged?

if i purchase this pack can i use it in my commercial game i am making?

do the fbx files come with textures?

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Thanks for fixing the problem..I have edited my comment!

could do a forge

crafts tables like wood working tailoring butchering ect

sweet thanks...just reply here when ya get that done!

so this only works in unity? I am using Coppercube 6 game engine!

Is the free version animated?