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I decided to instead stick with static images for the blink images, since my avatar's animation is just shifty frames instead of anything that needs to loop perfectly.

I decided to try changing my existing avatar and make it into a gif, but the shift from mouth open/close is different from blink/not blink for some reason. When shifting between mouth states, the position in the gif is maintained, but blinking will reset the gif to its first frame and play out the entirety of the blink gif before switching back to default

OH HEY I love this game! Happy to see it make a return here!

hey how are you so damn good at making satisfying 3D platforming mechanics

sorry for the late reply, works perfect now!

also the browser version isn't interactable for me, it just drops me into one of two areas with nothing else on the screen but the environment

the downloadable version just boots into a red screen for some reason


considering the amount of streamers out there who want to keep their identity hidden, especially in the vtuber community, it might be preferable to have like a canned image to represent a fictional player character getting their picture taken

Gumgem community · Created a new topic dpad input issue

When playing with dpad, the game will occasionally cause me to stop dead in my tracks. I think this is an issue with the left analog stick making small micro-inputs from natural controller movements. I was able to solve this problem on my end by adjusting the deadzone on my controller in DS4windows (and also switching to analog stick anyway)

love the atmosphere in this

I vibe with this heavy

glad I stuck through this or else I would've missed the gameplay twists towards the end.

glad I stuck through this or else I would've missed the gameplay twists towards the end.

nevermind I fixed it, for some reason my decal limit was set to 0 before I downloaded this

this mod is pretty damn cool. Can't get the spraypaint to work though

found a 4th friend upon replaying, a bird friend

I found 3 friends before getting on the bus at the end and wow I love what you have here

I really hope the message you were going for here wasn't "medication is bad" because there's a lot about this I like otherwise

I'm so glad there was no jump scare, the rest of the horror game scene has conditioned that expectation into me so heavily that I was changing the volume and alt+tabbing constantly. This is exactly how I wish horror was handled

each time I try to download the zip, it only downloads 2 or 4 KB then stops. When I open the archive, I can't extract it because it says the files are corrupted.

the file won't download correctly. It starts off saying it's starting the download, but then it suddenly says it's done downloading, but the archive is damaged and won't open. Also the rar is 0 KB.

this is on windows and I'm stuck on this screen. I can move the guy around, but it's a useless effort since all sides of the screen loop to the opposite end

where would I enter the code? I've tried typing it out and pressing enter but that didn't work and I'm just stuck in this looping room with spikes and an enemy walking left and right.

so I looked at the video you included of someone playing, and I am in an entirely different area and there are no icons for me to run into so I can't start the game