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Tim Callahan

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Came out on Steam last year, I have only now noticed that the post I had scheduled to announce the launch apparently never went up! Apologies for that, I've gone ahead and updated the description.

Hi, thanks for playing and glad you're enjoying it so far!

I agree on the camera! I'm still toying around with potential solutions that don't inadvertently make things more complicated with another set of hotkeys, but would like to allow a little more freedom of movement on the camera.

Getting stuck on things and line of sight issues are still on the to-do list, since it's a bit hard to keep track of every possible place people get stuck I kind of have to go back in and fix the areas as they are brought to my attention. Definitely want to make both the collisions and the monster lines of sight a bit more intuitive going forward.

Also speaking of intuitive, the potions are on that list too.

Thanks for the feedback, all comments help me to make the game better for everyone!

Thanks for playing!

A lot of the information on where to go and what to watch out for in the beginning is learned through dialogue with the villagers as you guessed. I think a map for the starter area would be a good idea though as I didn't really intend for that area to be so confusing, only to show the multi-approach level design as early as possible.

Glad you enjoyed it in spite of some confusion! Every bit helps to get the word out.

Really like the VHS aesthetic! The tinge on everything has a nice effect.

Is there a dedicated tabletop games tag? I know there's a few on here but I've not had a particularly easy time browsing for them.

Hi! Thanks for recording this, videos like this are very helpful to me for helping to refine and improve the experience.

Did you have any specific thoughts that sprang out while playing that may not show in the video? It seemed like you had some difficulty figuring out where to go after clearing the first room.