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Seems like how the other replied.

Adding this game to the steam library did help and going to big screen mode to configure it did improve everything I needed to fix .

With all that. Everything on this topic I wanted has come to a close. For the most part, but hopefully this helps others to figure this out with all these replies from these peeps.

So it would be look like this way? Would appreciate an image example with step by step. I'm not best at understanding things with words. More like picture instructions like from IKEA.

It would help if you could explain on what OpenGL version is exactly.

Hopefully there's a breakthrough! Cause I rather not buy another keyboard/laptop due to constant mashing during the whole jump/climb/dash/rush process then on an actual easy to replace controller.

Can't seem make my Rock Candy wired Controller for the switch to work with this game at all.

Any assistance possible?

Read through the controller coding and it shows no sign of this controller existing in the file.

I don't see Read/Write File at all.

Also don't see step 4 anywhere.

Not the most intelligent person on opening things.