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thanks for the reply.

Valve certainly like to enforce and use a make it up as you go approach to suit.

why was it banned on steam

NinNinDays community · Created a new topic Steam

does this come with a steam key as well 


twice now I've redeemed a key for this game and twice this page still says purchase 

You, have. Thanks

After link my account again with your download link it still says Nothing is available for download yet.

Actually, at this point, I'm done with itch. Thanks for looking but just get on with your day and pretend I never asked anything. I can live without whatever it was.

The page you linked has demo and mp3 for download 

But surely the purchase was for

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I have tried with chrome, edge and firefox and all show the page the same as the image below."Nothing is available to download yet".

  Right-click on image and choose copy image address [link] then paste into the browser as Itch squashes image file so you cannot see things 

when you call your file NEXT JUMP Shmup Tactics WIN and Steam code 130 MB 

it didn't

where is the promised steam key and please don't say buy it on steam I already bought it here with the promise of that purchase includes a steam key

Coulrophobiac 2 community · Created a new topic where
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says 2 files but there is nothing

can you make it so you have to download all 700 in one package

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yeah : Usaully I switch browsers  but on this occassion I haven't as I'm downloading a ton of stuff  from itch as I own thousands that I all of a sudden want to backup :) 

I'll open in another browser :cheers 

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There are no download sizes next to them and clicking does nothing only javascript void appears to left : all the other games in my itch account are downloading ok 

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Please fix  [edit]  have downloaded it now 

Chrome was and is still broken [for me at least] 

Firefox download works

Edge download works

Opera download works

Who is providing steam key?

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With avast stopped for 10 minutes the download completed. So avast is blocking the download.

Avast when scanning the file reports it as severity high with threat FileRepMalware

You should report it to Avast as a false positive or at worse case scenario check your files.

I know the network error is not because of the game because I have not executed the games exe yet. It is a server issue or possibly an avast issue.

I have tried Chrome, IE11 and now Firefox and all get to the end of the download and fail

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Failed network error on chrome and IE11 also can't download

edit 15:09 Failed forbidden now after waiting sometime to resume