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Just started running this hunt in a new campaign, and loving it so far (those creepy analog horror vibes!)

Just played a two-shot of this with the Open Hearth gaming community (where we played young cadets of the King's Musketeers!) - definitely recommended, though I think it need even more sessions than this to fully shine

Played this the other night, and we had a blast following the glam metal band 'Morningstar' as they prepare for their final gig before the Devil claims their souls!
We had intended to do this over two sessions, but had to cancel one - so we didn't get the chance to do the 'Session Zero' experience or to push the mechanics to their fullest - but a great game was had nonetheless.

just wrapped a five-part series and we had an amazing time! Thanks for much for this game

Here’s the first session

Just played this last night, and what a weird and wonderous magical journey we had!

played this again last week, and once again had a (tragically) good time!

We just wrapped up a group play of this (using video journalling instead) Here's our playlist
Great game! Thanks

I played this a few weeks ago and thought I'd share the recording - we had a great time too! Highly recommended

Just played this last night - we had great fun!
(I love that sequel stinger!)

played this last night and we had an amazing time

Thanks for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed it. (maybe I should include details on those movies for people)

It's a fine line between specific/generic prompt alright; hopefully they weren't too incongruous or discordant.

I used Francita's template, which as an Affinity newbie was a godsend.

And the second session we played just piled on the awesome. I think everyone knocked this out of the park!

Here's our recent playthrough (the 1st of 2 sessions).

As well as matching Mario's comments below, I also felt that even for those of us familiar with The Prisoner, we had more than enough room to make the game our own. 

played last year (although with one less player than recommended). Still a great experience (no matter how terribly I felt playing those officers!)

Just facilitated two sessions for the Gauntlet's open weekend - amazing time with so much found-family drama!

Just noticed the Character Keeper. I'm running this next month and was coming here in hope (otherwise I'd have to create my own) so I'm very grateful for this!

Also, so looking forward to playing!


I ran this last year with the Gauntlet, and had a great time; really evocative story that I couldn't have predicted!

last year, I played this game as part of a push to play some of the duets in the RJE Bundle with The Gauntlet.

Surprised ourselves by setting in in Star Wars universe, following the rivalry between two bounty hunters.

Played this late last year with The Gauntlet, great fun and wish we had more time with it

We had so much fun playing this game a while back in a Star Wars: Podracing setting with The Gauntlet

Thanks so much for the kind words - glad you enjoyed it!

Just played this last week and managed to get the voice memos joined up and onto Youtube

(Apparently I am the exception that proves the rule with regard to naming the rig!)