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I've tried upgrading the firmware on the Etherdream 2 DAC but the issue remains.

I will explain exactly what I'm doing in Maxwell to re-create the problem...

1) Open Maxwell app

2) Load a preset file and select a preset

3) Click the Power button

4) Click ON/OFF in the DAC selection section with settings showing:

* DAC TYPE: EtherDream


* DAC PPS: 20000

Expected result: laser should output as per preview window

Actual result: Laser seems to output something for a split second then stops

I suspect that the Etherdream driver DLL included with Maxwell is incompatible with the Etherdream 2 DAC because I had similar issues with LSX until I upgraded to the latest version which included a newer Etherdream driver DLL.

I am using the ethernet port. Maxwell sees the Etherdream 2 DAC, but there is no output from the laser projector. The software seems unstable too, it crashes if you try to disable the DAC after enabling it.

I purchased Maxwell because it was supposed to be compatible with Etherdream DACs, I have an Etherdream 2 DAC and Maxwell does not work with it.

Please advise, regards, Dan.