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Is the any picture or video?

It's a shame I couldn't find the time, but... I was expecting so much more from this JAM 

Useful info! but I don´t know how many time I killed my patient

Wow, I couldn't score, LOL

I miss the lack of music in a music game, and I think that needs more rhythm in the notes ;)

Nice idea, but very hard to master, I think all the goals I made were in my own side.

Remember I have 3 entries to this JAM, just go to community section

Recuerden que tengo 3 entradas a este JAM, solo vayan a la parte de la comunidad

Remember that this game was for a JAM, you can play the complete version on

That's true, but I'll finish them anyway out of the JAM

Every time you see a game that is played with the space bar, you have to click the content to activate only the content and then you can press space bar with out scrolling the space, that happen also with flash content, you need to click it first

Nice toy!

Sorry, like always I want to make so many games and I never finish, for this JAM I had almost 6 entries, I started 5 and I finished just 3, my favorite game is still on developing stage, I'll finish it for my collection, It was a brawler game for 4 players with a single button for each, I was trying to emulate the "Move or Die" game, but every time I was happy with something I wanted to add more and more, and the result is that there isn't even a demo game :(

I think 3 entries are enough, and... something that motivate in this kind of JAMS is the community and in this case not even the owners seems to read the posts, is like this thing is alone until the end of the JAM and thats sooooo sad.

I hope the community come back for the playing and voting at least. In this case the important place to play is in the big screen on the CCD, and not everybody will have the chance to see their game there, hope you can make a video of the place and the games.

wow, hard game, I was better with the original snake, LOL

Great concept and use of the format, neat!

Those things happened :(

3th entry to the JAM and you are maybe asking... Why is not uploading the games to

Well, as you may know, I have a project called where I work making inclusive interactive stuff, so... for every one, the idea is to use simple graphics, simple controls (one button), try to not use colors, just keep it simple, the idea is to let players play... could be an elder, could be an impaired person (mobility, vision, etc ), any one and I use mainly the left button of the mouse, and for these games I had to add colors and more inputs although the games are just one button games, so I wont add them to my game library on What about the votes? I don´t really care, I use these JAMS to make new ideas, keep working and don't let die this project, is very hard to continue a project like this without any help.

So... enjoy the c1ic games

C1ic Derby Steeplechase is a tribute to the first one button arcade machine known (at list that I know), the name was just "Steeplechase". I try to make it as the original game as posible, by now the game doesn't have any sound effects, I don't want it to be annoying, but I'll try some sounds at the beginning and the end of the game, but you can try it now


I hope you can give me some feedback

(1 edit)

Nobody is here for me yet, so I have some more time.

One of the first games I saw and I called a game for points eaters was PAC-MAN, so in honor to that game I'll make a little box for him, after 10 clicks (by now) this little friend come out to help us. It will increase speed and after a while this pills turn in to a ghosts that give much more points that a pill.

I'll keep working while the friends come to pick me up.

Seems like I have to go out all day, it's a shame, I will continue the game, but I just upload a new version with the craftsman working, but there are no machines generating clicks by now :(

I have issues with the slot machine, is just giving money for free, LOL. Bad for a casino

I´ll make a new one with figures instead of numbers and I'll make the player win just the 5% of the time.... or less and they need to win something juicy like 1,000,000,000, this is 10 more times that the number of clicks the monster can eat form you.

I think I have to make a container for the game so I can upload the container to the JAM but it will call the last version and I can keep upgrading the game from my server.

I'm finishing the CLICKS EATER and the HANDCRAFTSMAN

Now is time for you to try the beta game

I hope to finish a decent game for today

Anyway I'll keep making it because I really like it

I have problems with the slot machine, I don't know if is the hour, almost 6 am, but I can't see the problem, the machine is giving away all the money.

Also is the time for the mathematics... number of clicks to start activating all the upgrades, so I added a button to reset the score, the button is located over the

Day 2 of developing

Now the game have a saving system, for now the games saves data every 10 seconds, I'll maybe change it to 30 or one minute.

I´m thinking in a handcraftman, every click is going to add a machine part, after he finishes the machine starts working and making clics.

The new problem is the number of moving sprites in the game, in my computer I don´t see any problem, but I don't know slower machines... by now every time I click there are 100 pixels in a little explosion and "+1" symbols coming out of that little explosion.

Wow, I think that this is more work than I imagine, I want to add more and more things, I'll have to leave it as a BETA

Now I see that I need avoid people clicking as crazy, some day I saw a clicker game that had an especial event, a rhythm mini game where the player has to click following the steps and click at the right time, like a dance dance revolution mini game, if you succeed you earn more points than clicking fast.

Another thing is that I made a little and simple slot machine for my project, so the people can bet their earn points, I'll take that slot and put it here so you bet your points every time you click.

My 5 year old son like the game so far, but he is asking me to put something that steal points... so he suggested a monster stealing clics... I decided to make a monster that eats your clicks if you don´t do anything, he is going to show himself, go for the clicks and start eating unless yo click to fire a couple of cannons.

I made also a bomber, every time that throws a bomb, the number increases 100,000, so it will be in the higher levels.

Any ideas for little animations to help increasing the clicks?

Made the first medal, is a gunner, a little guy and a weapon, the first level is just a pistol and start firing so the clics are increasing automatically by 1, the level 2 is a machine gun and the level 3 is a heavy machine gun.

I'm starting to make a piñata medal with a little guy hitting a piñata and increasing the clicks by 30 every hit.

First thing to solve, I don't like to click and see nothing so I made a little explosion randomly in the screen so you see the number of clicks.

The second one is the number of clicks before the first upgrade, is boring to click 100 times, so I think the first upgrade is going to be between 30 and 50 clicks.

So, this will be my dev blog

I just enter this JAM, so I'm running out of time, I think I need to do something very simple.

I like to do very simple sprites for my project, those sprites can be useful here, so... I'm thinking in a simple game were you click anywhere to make the count rises... and you win medals, but... in this case this medals are upgrades so you don't need to buy anything and those medals are situations that add more click to the count.

I'll start with that.

I just discover this JAM !!! what a shame, 1 day and 10 hours left, I have to enter and hurry up !!!

960*144 community · Created a new topic JustJousting

2nd Entry to the JAM

This is the first time that I make a game with a little learning curve, you need to calculate the moves of the horses and spears.

Another simple one button game about jousting. One more to add to my "C1ic Tiny Arcade" games collection.


Thanks for the advice, and you are right. I always try to focus on one game, but, when I see it works I feel comfortable enough to start the one I have in mind, and yes, I have a documento or a drawing, but I really feel the necessity to at list start the file of the game, just the empty stage, then in a free time I like to draw the sprites and that make me wonder about animation, so I animate a couple of sprites, ok ok a little bit of interaction... Nooooooo I did it again!

For my project I'm developing 33 games at the same time, LOL So I finish one game once in a while. I'll try to focus more ;)

Thanks for the comments, I work in an old flash AS2 language, I don't know more languages or resources.

960*144 community · Created a new topic Quickie Draw

My first entrance.

I hate myself, when I heard about this jam I start to think in different games and mechanics and I start to make some games, for 1, 2 and 5 players at the same time. The problem here is that I never concentrate in a single game and some times I never finish them, when I see I can play it, I leave it, don't do entrance, menus, ando all the details to finish the work, I'm just happy with the result, and thats awful.

At this time I have 5 games in progress for this single jam.

So I tried to concentrate... and at last I finish the first one called Quickie Draw. I hope you like it and I'll wait for comments

You can play it here

960*144 community · Created a new topic How many inputs?

How many inputs the game permits? can I use 5 at the same time?

I want a multiplayer game with 5 players, but I'm afraid that not all the buttons are traced at the same time.

Lo que hago es tener a la mano el mail donde me indicaban que había comenzado y ahí viene la liga directa, por que ni en el portal de itch ni en buscadores los encuentras

4 botones? por eso pedían las flechas del teclado? Uchala !!!, yo ya hice un juego que usa mouse, je je je