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Sorry, I had 5 entries

A topic by Don Calaca created May 02, 2017 Views: 87 Replies: 2
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Sorry, like always I want to make so many games and I never finish, for this JAM I had almost 6 entries, I started 5 and I finished just 3, my favorite game is still on developing stage, I'll finish it for my collection, It was a brawler game for 4 players with a single button for each, I was trying to emulate the "Move or Die" game, but every time I was happy with something I wanted to add more and more, and the result is that there isn't even a demo game :(

I think 3 entries are enough, and... something that motivate in this kind of JAMS is the community and in this case not even the owners seems to read the posts, is like this thing is alone until the end of the JAM and thats sooooo sad.

I hope the community come back for the playing and voting at least. In this case the important place to play is in the big screen on the CCD, and not everybody will have the chance to see their game there, hope you can make a video of the place and the games.


It's better have fewer entries and polish them than too many


That's true, but I'll finish them anyway out of the JAM