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Posted in Can't play it

I found the issue! I had to close a program called Team Viewer, which can screw with Unreal games. I tried playing it on my laptop and it was super laggy (nvidia 765m with some years on it) so I'm gonna try my desktop once I'm back home. I'm really intrigued so far

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Understandable. I tried playing it and it would launch, then minimize. Any time I try to open the minimized game, it would be a fullscreen black screen until it minimized again a few seconds later.

Strange problem, I'm not sure what you could do to fix it. Unreal can be really touchy at times. Have any youtubers (preferably silent ones) played this game?

I will try this on my other pc when I get a chance

Created a new topic Can't play it

This game's premise seems really interesting to me and it looks great, but I can't play it. I'm running Windows 10 x64 with a nVidia GTX 960 graphics card.