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This is such a nice game! Thanks for creating.

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Here you go a free version of our game in Flash. I hope someone still use it though... :-)

Castle Woodwarf 2

Hi, guys! This is the sequel to our first successful game. Please check it out and leave feedback if possible!
It is a small and simple strategy game, gathering resources and repelling waves of enemies. But you have a dragon that you can upgrade, move back and forth plus breathe fire so that is nice :-)

Keep your dragon and city of Woodwarf safe with the help of your dwarven army. Upgrade your home and environment while you fight epic battles underground! Use special abilities and items and overcome waves of enemies

Castle Woodwarf 2

Castle Woodwarf 2

  • 17 cities (levels)
  • 3 difficulty settings
  • 3 distinctive economy type dwarves (gatherers, lumberjacks and fisher dwarves)
  • 3 army unit types (tank, archer and a mage)
  • 25 different enemy types (ranged units, flying units and ghosts)
  • 5 boss enemies

Never heard of the original mini game Castle Woodwarf?  Well, it is a high score chaser with a basic strategy including some dwarves and a dragon. It is simple to play, but difficult to score a high score. Anything above 1000, you become a king, but not everyone can make it. Check it out as well!

Thanks guys!!!

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Happy to publish Castle Woodwar to PC!

I hope you will enjoy playing it!

Send me some short funny insults both for Ogre and people! The best lines will make it to the game content :-)