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David Mattingly's Subway Wizard!

You can even get a print signed by the artist...I've thought about it myself.

okay i added a condition for it to skip loading if it takes too long--it's just preloading so it shouldn't have any noticeable effect, but if you see any problems please let me know

i will look into it today but you may be able to play in the meantime by trying in another browser

The Dungeon contained a hint for the first players to figure out how to unlock the true end, before instructions were listed on the page. Also was just a fun experiment we threw in - it fits the vibe of a cracktro group just adding random bits of bonus software :)

Mind Break is the end of the game. Thank you for playing!

Thanks for playing! We have updated the description to put full ending instructions behind a spoiler tag. Have fun :)

select the date of the first dream in the Analyzer window and then click Recall

song list with links has been added to the game description now. thanks for playing!

thanks! there is just the one ending

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this is candle whoops

press enter or double tap on the word

please try again now. if using chrome you may need to enable third party cookies. if using firefox, you may need to disable enhanced tracking protection. let us know if it's still not working

try using chrome browser for now. engine bug

Updated description :)

(bug with animations should be fixed now)

cool, you do you

I'll explain when you're older

let there be a thousand blossoms bloom as far as i'm concerned

here it is!

i am using pervert both literally and metaphorically here; the criticism of irony culture etc and the penultimate closing paragraph mentioning "perversion for nonsexual topis and themes" support this reading of it not being exclusively About Sex but, as the tweet quote suggests - the same passions drive both. (although for me personally and in the context of an increasingly puritanical culture, it is primarily a stance About Sex.)


you should see icons of keyboard keys to use if it loaded correctly. avoid the itch app if you're using it, it doesn't work for this game

there was a cavity girl

have updated the description with a list :)