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Great game!

I find every aspect of it truly amazing: the great color palette,  chill music and simple controls, all combined make for a really fun and relaxing game to play!


Really well made and full of emotive moments.

Hi everyone!

We just released Misual!

It's a 3D Multiplayer (and Singleplayer) game in which you can summon different objects and play with their properties! Right now, we're waiting for suggestions from you!
Also, any feedback is highly appreciated!

We hope you enjoy it.

Play now:

ooh, ok! Still, a great game!

Nice game, but LD games must be made from your own assets, and I guess you're not Brackeys...

Voided is a 3D fast paced game in which you need to launch yourself through the air while trying to avoid obstacles (bombs) to get in time at the finish line. It uses a simple design to both boost performance and make the game a bit unique. link:

It's basically made by Brackeys and you didn't even give him credit

Voided community · Created a new topic BUG REPORTS

Found any bugs? Report them here! Thanks!

Unlike other games inspired by Brackeys' tutorial, this one stands out! Giving it a 5/5!