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A member registered Feb 25, 2017

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I just wanted to say that I freaking loved this! When I read the description, I knew I had to play it and when I started, I played it through in one sitting. There is so many beautiful things about this game. It demonstrates the difficulty of ruling and the hard choices you would have to make. I got so into it that when the screen popped up that said it was the end I just sat there like "what?? No!!!!" All I can say is that I cannot wait to play the full version, and I have no doubt it will be amazing! 

Really great job on this game! I love the simplicity of the setup and the depth of thinking it makes you do. Like yea he killed a cat, but it could have been an accident. Or one person steals medicine and you feel like that's wrong, but when someone with cancer steals medicine you really have to think about it. I love this kind of thing! I was very impressed! I would like a better system, though. It would be better if the age/gender/country had some affect on their lives instead of just randomized.

Thank you for taking the time to create this masterpiece! I had never played a visual novel before so this was quite a wonderful introduction! I can honestly say that I will play anything you make, because I can tell you have some true talent!

Captain Blake is my man!!! I didn't like Amesbury at all. Not that he wasn't very well written, because he was, but because I didn't like him as a person. When I played through his story line then went back and left him I laughed when it said bad end. SO not ending up with a criminal and my best friend not getting shot is bad? Don't get me wrong. I gave this game a five star rating. I'm just expressing frustration. Which is a compliment, because I couldn't be frustrated if I didn't care so much. Lol :)