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thanks for playing! :)

Fun, but I couldn't beat level 2 :(

That was super fun, lots of good twists on the mechanic. I want a speedrun timer!

I developed the ultimate strategy: hold right.
it only works sometimes.
Nice game :)

thank you!! :)

Congrats to DayudStudios for winning! Send an email to rso-computerclub at wmich dot edu to claim your prize! :)

(Email address spelled out to avoid spam bots detecting it)

Great art, great interpretation, great execution

This is awesome, really good job taking a theme and building a cool game around it. My only question is why are there gems in the medicine cabinet?

Cool attention to detail in regards to the various possible combinations of animals and items you could bring them.

Really good looking! The light mechanic was cool too.

I liked the unique tower defense mechanics such as moving your tower after placement

I also liked clifford

That's the cutest pixel cat I've ever seen.

If you just missed the deadline let me know and I can get you a link to submit your game late.

Thank you :)

Thank you!

Hi, thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, I agree about the checkpoint placement. Could have been more generous, especially for a game jam game.

And again, yeah, the last few puzzles are kind of cheap - a result of rushed level design :p

You shouldn't need too fine of movement to beat it, but the last one does require kind of fine movement... haha.

Thanks, and thanks for playing! Watching others play your game is an invaluable resource, so thanks for taking the time to record a bit of it.

This was really cool, I loved the coding mechanics.

I like this concept of moving through rooms with single button presses, it could be a cool full game!

This is what game jams are all about.

Good stuff, I like the variety of environments you can find.

This is good, I like the puzzle design and overall concept.

The laser robots are definitely OP. :p

Yes, there are definitely a few puzzles in there that are kinda cheap. The level design came last minute :p. Thanks for playing!

Thank you!

I didn't use clipping for the text, I just made a table mapping characters to sprite numbers and iterated through a string, displaying each letter as its own sprite. So the effect is achieved by just changing the coords of each sprite!

Pollen comes from roses, one of which is in the room you get the rose scroll in. You're not the only one to get a little confused about that power up though, so don't worry :p

Wow I had no idea pico 8 had these..!! I'll have to give em a shot!

This is really really cool!

I love the idea and execution!

Good stuff!

This is awesome, very impressed by the world gen!

Nice, I like the new feature to flappy bird of shooting fire!

I like it, lots of respect for all the cutscenes, something I can't quite figure out how to do yet ;p

Thank you!

This is an awesome concept and execution that I'd love to see a full game of!

I think this one might be my favorite.

Cute, I like the staggered animation when you're turning in aliens at the top.

This is awesome. Well done!

Fun and unique :)

Super cool, a nice little adventure. On my first playthrough my time was 6:12:28.