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sounds great. Can’t wait to try it. 

I can’t find any announcement stating how fully featured the early access will be? Any news?

Utterly charming game.  Very cleverly written. I could play a much longer game like this.

Congratulations, this is a fantastic game. I like the simple controls. I hope you can add more features, while retaining the perfect simplicity of the controls. Brilliant.

I tried to download again , but there seems to be something wrong with the zip file. I have tried several different decompression apps, and they won't unzip the file.

The errors state "Unable to expand "Grayton" into "folder".(Error 2 - No Such File or Directory)

and on another app it just said "unable to mount this archive".

Hi. downloaded V0.01 and V0.02, and extracted the file, but neither of the apps would run. It just says "The application 'mac' can't be opened."

The idea of the game sounds hilarious, and the title screen art looks fantastic.

Hi. I tried again, and the same thing occurred. It just kept flashing "loading" for five minutes or more, and wouldn't respond to any of my commands.

From what I have seen, I like the layout of the game and the interface. The "loading" symbol looks great (I'm not being sarcastic. It does look really good.)

An absolutely fantastic typing tutor. It had my daughter typing for ages. It would be well worth expanding it into major release.

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It's working now. It's a great game. Very intense. I really like the art style. A longer game in this style would really work, but slightly higher resolution might be needed to make the reading less of a chore on a longer game. For this length of game, though, it was perfect. The way the dialogue works, with the characters talking and you deciding to stay and listen or walk off is brilliant. For some reason, it reminded me of the game "Night in the Woods". Well done.

Beautiful looking game. I really love the art design and mechanics. I got stumped during the crossroads section though.

I really like the game mechanics - the searching and interrogating.  I was really absorbed into the mystery. And we solved it. Yay!!!

The game looks great. I was hoping to try it out, but after I entered my name into the box, it started to load - and kept loading for a few minutes. I'm guessing it's not meant to load quite that long? Is that right?

The screenshots look awesome, but unfortunately when trying to run the game on a Windows 10, there is only a black screen after the Unity logo had came up.

Interesting game. I got stuck on "The tanks most likely contained a h_". 

I absolutely love this game.  A sense of mystery abounds in the atmosphere. I don't know if there is a deeper mystery to be found, other than atmosphere, but I have spent quite a while on it and have enjoyed it regardless. After a while I started to be able to understand some of the words, and I thought I could even make out the letters - or could I really see them?? I don't know. This could be turned into a larger game, and it would be awesome.