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Somehow for a NSFW game, it was really touching at the end. Great job!

Okay that didn't work for me, but you might wanna try it still.

I had the same problem, maybe try downloading the 64bit version? I'm trying that now if that works.

This.... is beautiful. It's a work fo art. It's very touching. I loved it.

Also, What do you mean by "Specs"? Can you specify what you mean

Thanks HardCode4All and im not sure what it is.... the game runs fine and smooth it just wont let me look around without launching the camera into the sky. I dont know how to describe it any better than that right there

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I play the game.... then I get loaded in..... this is where the problem strikes. I try to look around but the camera just spasms all over the place and launches into the sky. I press esc and it goes back then I start playing again. Does it again. I repeated this so many times and it doesnt do anything.... I messed around with the settings but it still does it. Any help? Also I can't get the log.txt file because I don't know how.