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Very cool game. Good story (also VERY educational) and cute art style. Keep doing games like this!!

Jogo MUITO bom, e o final foi simplesmente perfeito. A ambientação e a música também, só achei que a história seria mais densa, mas fora isso é ótimo. Espero que estejam traduzindo pra inglês, os gringos merecem.

Jogo interessante

Cool game!

Good game

Good short game

incredible game!!

Incrível :)

Good game! 

Cool game


Hi! I would like to ask permission to translate your game into portuguese. You can contact me, my discord is captainFelix#8123

Have a good day :)


Hi! I would like to ask your permission to translate Misfiction into portuguese... If yes, please contact me!

My discord is captainFelix#8123

kinda gay, I like it

Very cool game, the atmosphere and the aesthetic are pretty immersive. Would you like to have a translation in portuguese? I can make it...

Wow, I was going to ask this now. So, can I translate your game into brazilian portuguese? I would be happy if you gave me permission :D

We can talk better in

or just dm me in twitter @dogsembatata 

Hey, pode fazer uma versão 32bit?

Thank you :D

Hey, can you make a 32bit version?

Hey, can you make a 32 bit version?


Thank you!

Hey. Can you make a 32bit version?

Hey. Can you make a 32bit version?

Hey. Can you make a windows 32 bit version?

Hey.  There is some way to change the game resolution? My computer don't run the game very well 

Hey. Good game.

Hey, fantastic game. I will record the entire game and I wish a good ending for this girl lol (unfortunately my video is in portuguese so its hard for you to understead)

ohhh thank you

Hello! Can you make a x32 windows version?

Cool game!

Amazing game

When the DLCS will be released?

Hello, here is my video. Cool and short game