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yup I received  a few days ago I was just swamped with some projects this week apologies  about but you should have response in you're mailbox when you read this  :D

sounds like a plan

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Hey bobbytwo hands its me again apologies about not getting back to you the first time we messaged eachother (which was 123 days ago... my bad) college got in the way of that lol. But anyways since you've offered up the idea of forking the project again id like to take you up on your offer this time. I'll send you a private message as well so we can discuss details further :)

Edit 1: So apparently icth doesn't have a pm system. Ill tweet a pm to you instead.

As someone who also knows unity and c# as well I would love to be able to poke around so to speak and see how you've codded some stuff since I've also been working on a strategy game side project. So +1 from me on the open source idea