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Doctor Salem

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A bit different o.o

Plz sir, can I have some more? 

Wholesome innocent game

HONESTLY Super fun game! Only gripe was the dialogue moved too fast, but it was surprisingly fantastic! 

Played this on Christmas, was a fun short game!!! Loved the "Garbage Day" reference haha 

This is fucking dope! It's an awesome combination of two of my favorite games, and done very well! Only suggestion I have is maybe have different control options for PC user to switch to? Such as WASD and Left Click and Right Click attacks, other than that I loved it!

Thank you for joining me for this game and suggesting it for me to play! I'm terrible with these types of games (obviously) but it was a fun ride!

Hey there! I actually loved the style of this game and the subtle eeriness of the world! I'll be sure to play more of your games in the future!

The game and mechanics are awesome! There were some minor bugs but that's easily fixed, thank you for the experience! f*

cking troll. xD

Very much loved this game!!! Please do more :)

I would for sure love to play any updates you have! there was just some optimization issues along with some "spooky" moment's that could have been implemented. Maybe some of the moments when that ghost disappears, fade into mist and have some sort of audio with it? Along with more of a jump when you die would be nice! Keep me posted if you make any changes :)

has a lot of potential but for sure needs work further work. It has really nice spooky moments, but some areas fall a bit short.

Awesome game! Love the music and the Aesthetic! Got kinda confused with the maze at the end, but other than that, amazing. I hope to see more!

Love the game's style and theme! I do wish there was a bit more to it however, but I quite enjoy it!

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Very Atmospheric and graphics are intriguing, but there was some stretching issues with the graphics, along with the story was mostly missing with the game. It's ambitious, and I'd like to see it a bit more developed, but it needs more narrative and more of a fear factor for sure. Keep up the good work!

This game really messed with my emotions... Good Job? haha 

This game was actually a unique experience! Seriously, amazing work guys! I usually don't give out praise but I really digged it! 

Fantastic game, my only two issues I had for it was the way you interacted with objects (the click and hold feature) and that the game needed to be longer because I was really enjoying it. Keep up the good work! 

Interesting game! Some bugs that can be fixed easily, but I would like to see more!

Hmmm... Needs some work, but has great potential.

Certainly different! I would love to see more done with this, but was quite enjoyable! 

As much as I loved the style, it needs some work... but hey, atmosphere was great! 

For two guy's developing this game, It's very ambitious. It needs a little work, but I'm interested! 

I literally jumped so much. I can't wait for part 2 to post!

Did a thing 

My Review and Game play! 

Amazing Game! One bug I think you should work on, but other than that amazing! 

Interesting game! However, I couldn't beat it due to not knowing what to do haha but that was mostly my fault. My only suggestion is to put more of a threat in this game. I never felt in danger through out my experience, but It's still appealing!

Amazing  game, really struck home. Thank you! 

This is truly amazing, thank you for the great game! 

I really enjoyed this experience, some areas I feel need worked on but the game was very enjoyable none the less . 

Here's my play of the game, I see potential in this game, however in this current state it does need some work.  Hope to see more from you guys in the future! 

IMMURE community · Created a new topic I. WANT. MORE.

This game is so intriguing! The beginning was a little slow if I have to admit, but as soon as I got to the apartments HOLY F*CK I want more.