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Doctor Salem

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Can't wait to see more! for real! 

The major downfall of this game is that it is not long enough, which is good. I loved the game so much, if you made a FULL game of this, I would literally pay. Love the lovecraftian details and all the references. Keep making more! 

This game really messed with my emotions... Good Job? haha 

This game was actually a unique experience! Seriously, amazing work guys! I usually don't give out praise but I really digged it! 

Fantastic game, my only two issues I had for it was the way you interacted with objects (the click and hold feature) and that the game needed to be longer because I was really enjoying it. Keep up the good work! 

Interesting game! Some bugs that can be fixed easily, but I would like to see more!

Hmmm... Needs some work, but has great potential.

Certainly different! I would love to see more done with this, but was quite enjoyable! 

As much as I loved the style, it needs some work... but hey, atmosphere was great! 

For two guy's developing this game, It's very ambitious. It needs a little work, but I'm interested! 

I literally jumped so much. I can't wait for part 2 to post!

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Interesting game! I unfortunately didn't know what to do haha. 

Did a thing 

Imma leave this here 

My Review and Game play! 

Amazing Game! One bug I think you should work on, but other than that amazing! 

Interesting game! However, I couldn't beat it due to not knowing what to do haha but that was mostly my fault. My only suggestion is to put more of a threat in this game. I never felt in danger through out my experience, but It's still appealing!

Amazing  game, really struck home. Thank you! 

This is truly amazing, thank you for the great game! 

I really enjoyed this experience, some areas I feel need worked on but the game was very enjoyable none the less . 

Here's my play of the game, I see potential in this game, however in this current state it does need some work.  Hope to see more from you guys in the future! 

IMMURE community · Created a new topic I. WANT. MORE.

This game is so intriguing! The beginning was a little slow if I have to admit, but as soon as I got to the apartments HOLY F*CK I want more. 

I really enjoyed this game, the (no spoilers) final stage was not my favorite, but it has a great atmosphere! my thumbnail isn't the best, I threw it together really quick, but i would seriously like to see more from this! 

I did a thing 

Interesting game! There are some small bugs, but I am so pumped to play more! 

My wife and I are extremely intrigued! My only only concern was the pacing of the dream sequence? The concept was too much like Slender in my opinion and dragged on a bit. But other then that, it was fantastic! I hope to see more from this game! 

The atmosphere was super intense, and the build up was great! However, my main critique is the monster. As it did look intimidating, but the interaction with said monster was a little underwhelming. But I am anticipating where this game goes! 

I can't wait to see the final project! And also I am intrigued by the story :) (PS Dolls and Mannequins freak me out) 

Super excited to play the full game! Like, Wow. That was amazing! Buying this, no doubt! (and I tried to be interesting with the thumbnail, so i just used my setup with some edits lul.)

Part 2 is out! 

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So I played this game and it literally had me on the edge of my seat, usually I'm picky of my horror games, but this one was golden. Great atmosphere, and also after further research, I really appreciate the heavily influenced Indonesian culture tie ins with this game. I can't wait for it to come out fully! (This is part one of two)

Quick Critique: As much as i enjoyed the concept of the game, i felt like it borrowed too many aspects from the Silent Hill franchise. A lot of games are guilty of this, but it could easily be avoided. And the monsters were very interesting, but again, the rabbit reminded me too much of Robbie from Silent Hill 4. But, it was a fun quick game to complete. Even if I couldn't find the silver medal? 

I literally could not scream, it was hard haha. Thin walls + Neighbors + Horror Games at night = Rough 

This is an honest review, great potential, needs minor work. I hope to play an updated version of this soon! 

game was pretty insane! I quite enjoyed it!

Amazing game, had a great experience With it, loved all the endings!

I tried it out, interesting game! Wish I could read german, but I just read that it might change in the future so i'll definitely check it out! Very ambitious! 

Had a pretty good time playing this tbh. I can't wait for more! Keep it up! 

Did a "lets play" on my channel haha