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Dock frankenstein

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Great little game. However, I didn't really like the controls. I would prefer pressing space bar and control to move up and down and move the break to e or some other button. This could be fixed by implementing button remapping, but I know that this is too much to ask for a small little game like this (especially in unity as you're probably using the legacy input manager). There are some great solutions out there on the asset store and I even coded my own open source solution. It would greatly help with accessibility, instead of having to download different versions with different controls.

Don't get me wrong: great game, keep up the good work.

Also: the fade is a square for some reason.

This game is important

Well, I think you didn't setup your page correctly. On loading it starts gibing out. Also, it was quite unclear what to do in the astronaut and logic games. Shooting game wasn't responsive and scaling wasn't good. For first I didn't know why the minigames were switching, but when I wanted to close the game, turns out that there are four penguins messing about. Changing some page options can fix most issues. It was quite relaxing playing games. Also that story game is hilarious.

You talking about the effort or my accent?

Weird. It's a common key used for consoles. I'll add the option to open it under tab or something else (not sure yet).

this was a little experiment where you play around using the console. Also every issue that anyone has currently and will have is because of WebGL. I thought about even removing it for now untill I fix all errors. Tomorrow it will be okay, sine audio files are way too big for the internets :)

Hey, I've made a simple tool to write down notes for ludum dare 44, so if anyone wants to use it the click here:

Send a screenshot if you used it.

I now noticed the big door that you can open, but it may be better to implement a little icon i the corner that tells you to press a button to open.

On another note, you should focus on the main mechanics and then adding SPICE.

Will you finish this?

I really like the game. With the new update the game got easier, witch is good, cuz I suck at gaming. I would buy this game on steam if I could.