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Doc ill

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What do you call an animal that turns into a boat?


Great job, especially for your first game! Not a super big issue, but I was having a little bit of trouble predicting where the fish skellies were going to land at times, due to the way they rotated (I think setting the sprite's origin point to be closer to the center of the actual fish image might help with that).

After getting acclimated to the feel of the game, I had a lot of fun! My best score was 210 points!

Awesome idea! I was having a little bit of trouble squishing some of the intruders (the small ones because they were hard to target and the large ones because they were probably flying?). The card deck building was really fun. Great work!

Glad you liked it! It's unlikely, but I hope we make a second part as well :D

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Thanks for playing and sharing your experience!

Thank you! This video was very informative!

It's never really explained (as our intention was for the player to explore and experiment with the environment), but the key to keeping your heat levels down is to eat from the fruit plants.

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Hey! Thanks for sharing your play through. It was very entertaining!

We wish we had more time to polish the game, but it was a lot of fun to make!

lol, WR! :O

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Thanks for trying our game! We actually did have screen shake, but now we know that it is too subtle  (especially for laser hits).

In fact, all this feedback is great as it will actively help us improve the game. Thank you!

Awesome game!

Kinda gave me Earthbound vibes.

With a little bit more time, polish, and levels, I could definitely see this being released as a full game.

Great job!

Ok that ending got me. I actually lol'd.

2 + 2 is 4 - 1 that's 3 QUICK MAFFS!

I had a lot of fun with this. I feel like I found the multiplication mechanic by accident and it took me a while to understand what was happening with the focus meter, but once I figured it out it was really cool!

I could definitely see this as a mobile game. Very elegant design!