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No worries! :D

Ah. This plugin only does it for the editor. As in, it just shows that you’re in unreal engine on discord and the engine’s version number etc.

Yea it only shows that you are using UE5/UE4. The UE4 version doesn’t accurately show what sub-editor youre in. Is that what you mean?

When i get some free time I’’l try to get it working properly

5.1 is up now.

It comes with the source so you can do whatever with it. For now i dont wanna commit to maintaining/approving pull request etc but if i do need help testing in the future i’ll hit up those that have offered to :)

Its up!

5.1 update with source. View update post here:

I didn’t include the source code with the last release so it wont compile, sorry. Yea I’ll try to get both the 5.1 version and source code up on github when i get some time.

Is this with 4.27 or 5? If you’re talking about 4.27 I don’t have the current activity stuff working correctly yet. Still looking for a reliable way to show activity.

For UE5 it should just have the project name and engine version.

UE5 version is up!

UE5 version uploaded. Let me know if it works for you.

Its up now! Lemme know if it works for you.

Yes, but my PC died. It's gonna be a while until I get a new one.

Hmmm. Try running UE4 in admin mode if youre not already and make sure your .uproject file isnt read-only. 

I've got like 8gb of ram on a crappy pc with not much harddrive space ATM. But I'll see what I can do.  No promises tho.

I don't think so. I haven't used UE5 yet.

Just updated for 4.27

(2 edits)

I accidentally turned off downloads when I uploaded the updated files, my bad. Should be fixed now!

Updated. You can download for 4.26 version now.

Yea I need to fix this. Sorry about that. Im not sure when i can but i'll looking into fixing it some time.

Sorry I dont have much hard drive space so its hard to go back to older versions of the engine to fix/compile stuff. :(

Yay. I'll update it when i get some time. Good to know it works tho :)

I have not tested it on 4.23 yet. Give it a shot or wait till I get a chance to test it this weekend.

Yea, I know they're not up to date beacause I removed the downloaded drivers because of the popup that happened when using the "Xbox" button for reasons some time ago lol(was working on something at the time). So youre probably right and updating would probably fix it.

Thanks for the quick reply. Great game btw.

Just a heads up, my Xbox360 and Logitech controllers don't seem work with the game. Window 7. (Setting the Logitech controller to DInput mode does work tho)