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Yea... Um.... IT would be nice if the Game actually WORKED. i suggest doing that before anything else. make sure the dumb game works.

doesn't work on gamejolt either, it just does the same thing.

there was no other way to progress in the game.

why is this a .rar file? those files don't even work. can you make it in a working file format?

oh yea when i get that i also cant close the app so i have to do other stuff with that as my background or just restart my computer

midforest guard, when i talk to him i get" critical error #11- an eternal error occurred with the basic map construction help us help you, by reporting the problem. Either inform..." i have to restart the game when i get that

There was no other way to advance the storyline.

what else was i suppossed to do?


thats messed up