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Everything about this game is great. Got to wave 12 on my first try then stopped. A tutorial could have been nice; some stuff, like the fact that throwing dice deals damage, as well as swapping out units, took a little while to discover.

Thanks for the comment and for playing my game! I thoroughly enjoyed your game and will leave you my thoughts there. 

Fun game and unique concept (did not expect a battle royale made in 2 days). The teamwork of you guys is impressive and the game is executed well. Graphics look good, and i would maybe advise (although i am not an expert) further stylisation (eg. toon shading... )

Best part of the game was chaining enemies and blasting them with the shotgun like in doom.

Good work! 

Rating: 12 shotgun pellets/7 fortnite battle pass

The two most brilliant minds of a generation

Very enjoyable little game. The miss-matched art style is very unique and personally I really dig it. Awesome job for a first gamejam!

Hillarious concept and excellent execution. Not much to say, very nice!

Ok no problem. The pieces are all there, not bad for a first game jam. Good luck on your next one!

This game made me ascend to godhood.

Hillarious how similar our games are. I would even absolutely have added buttons and doors had I had time haha.

Sound effects and voice acting are top notch. 5 Stars. Particularly enjoyed the wet slapping sound of the button.

Final rating: 2 protagonists/1

Nice chainsaw man profile btw

Yup others have also said as much. Thank you very much for you kind words and for playing!

Thanks for the advice. Winning maximum points was not very important to me so mostly focused on gameplay (chain mechanic was hell to impliment) but I will definately keep that into account. Glad you like the game, thank you for playing and thanks for the link to free music!

WOW!!! you

Fun premise and gameplay, kept me on edge. Graphics and sound are good. Well done!

After about 15-ish hellish minutes I managed to beat the game.

Guide on how to beat:

1. First shoot the two laser skulls. To pass the time for the spell to work, pause alternating at the top and bottom of the screen, crossing by dashing each time. Change side when you about to get hit by the bullets.

2. Next line up shots from the center on the 6 smaller skulls when their shields are facing away. Again, dodge at the top and bottom while waiting for them. The game gets easier the less of them there are

3. To kill the big guys, wait for them to shoot. Then push up against their shields and spam click. The bullet will break the shield and stick. Once again, dodge repeatedly. Do for both.

4. Kill the last two laser skulls (super easy)

5. Profit

Did you make the music? It was very good. Confused about what to do. Went around touching all the monolyths then gave up. Overall Rating: Dwarf/10

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Interesting game. Visuals and music are nice. I think it could be beneficial to give the player a little more guidance on where to go, although I found it eventually. Good job!

PS: You can fly by spamming space so maybe it's a bit more than a 'double jump' :)

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Very very fun (probably one of the best games from the jam i've seen so far). The chains look nice and the attack patterns are fluid. Beat the game on my second try and my blood pressure was very elevated. One slightly annoying thing was getting attacked during dialogue. Overall very good job.


  • Fun gameplay
  • Good music
  • I like the swooshing sounds
  • Nice graphics


  • Maze level
  • Maze level
  • Maze level

Very fun game, well done!

Fun gameplay; clean, simple aesthetic; Music is an absolute banger. Overall very nice, good job!

Thank you to everyone leaving comments and criticisms, it means a lot!

You're absolutely right. I tried to somewhat remedy the confusion with the custom mouse cursor icons, but I agree in hindsight I should have not allowed the double connection chain. Thanks for playing my game and leaving feedback!

Thank you so much for playing my game! I don't exactly know what you're doing but as I understand you are trying to connect the anchors to the player? The trick for that room is simply  bridging the two anchors and walking across. If you have done this and cannot walk across due to some bug, let me know and I can fix it. Hope this helps!

This game is hillarious and fun. I would advise automatically respawning the player when he falls of the map as it's super annoying to press 2 buttons to restart each time.

Hillarious that we both named our games Chain Knight haha

Personally I don't think it matters wether the game is boring or not. Although its very well made, I think the creator's intention is more to convey a message rather than actually provide super captivating gameplay