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Robot deathmatch with local multiplayer!
Submitted by Zirk, AlexandreCoulon (@Coulonfucius), Jadith, Kulutues (@kulutues2332), Noah Orona (@time_traveler65), Gradkal — 1 hour, 1 minute before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Fun Factor#103.4763.476
Theme Implementation#183.1903.190
Special Feature Implementation#352.9522.952

Ranked from 21 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How is your game related to the Theme and Special Object?
Need to fight over robots to be the best one, chain is used as a weapon

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Cool game and was really fun to use the chain to grab enemies. 


Pretty cool battle royal!


Fun game and unique concept (did not expect a battle royale made in 2 days). The teamwork of you guys is impressive and the game is executed well. Graphics look good, and i would maybe advise (although i am not an expert) further stylisation (eg. toon shading... )

Best part of the game was chaining enemies and blasting them with the shotgun like in doom.

Good work! 

Rating: 12 shotgun pellets/7 fortnite battle pass


Oh thanks for the nice comment! The chain + shotgun combo is also my favorite !

I didn't know about the toon shading, that kind of detail can definitely improve the game feel so thanks again for the tip :)


Love the art. Amazing teamwork it look like you managed well the time you had. The AI had me for a moment ngl.


Thanks, I agree that our 3D artists definitly did an amazing job on the game!
Definitly proud of our AI too


good game, but bots are stupid)


Thanks, making the bots was definitly a hard part and they indeed could be improved, I’m still proud of them tho!


Really really fun! Smooth controls and smooth aiming too! Also if you don't mind me asking how did you get so much done?? I need tips...

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback :)

I can only speak for the programming part but here it is:

I personally did a lot of jam so after a bit of time you get used falling always in the same traps, so yeah the best advice I could give is to make more gamejams, and the most important, make more mistakes, but learn from them

To give another one, it’s also important to know how to exploit Unity features, here are 2 examples:

Unity have a really great pathfinding system but lot of its features are not actually shown, you can use which is an experimental package made by Unity to have access to more of them

The new Input system have a split screen system integrated with it! It was a bit of a hassle to make it works with our respawn system but once it was there, it was really conveniant!


Ah i see, Thanks for the tips! This is only my second jam so i kinda failed miserably while making my game!


I already said it in my other comment but don’t worry too much about that! We all had our firsts jams and my firsts weren’t glorious either! The fact that you end the jam with a playable game and a fun mechanism is already really great


Yea, i understand your point! I am really happy with how this game turned out even if it isn't that great...


We had a team of 6 of reliable people. Most of us have worked together in the past so we brought the productive ones in. =)


Ahh, that makes sense, its also really cool and neat!


Love the gamplay and the variety you get with all those different weapons!



Thanks for your feedback, variety of weapon was also something I liked, would I loved to make more if we had more time!


Gotcha! :D


Submitted (1 edit) (+3)

This is what we do if the boss is not around :D
Superb gameplay & smooth player control. Very cool UI. I had so much fun playing it. Well done!


Your boss won’t like what he will see when he will come back, apart from the employee of the month who did nothing wrong of course!

Thanks for your feedback :)

Submitted (2 edits) (+3)

Very VERY FUN!!! Its like one of those fake multiplayer games... haha (or is it real multiplayer....?)

Would be nice to have some sound effects.

Its a really amazing game, all the moving items and all the different weapons, and if it is a fake multiplayer, its an AMAZING AI for the enemies.

It could also be cool if their is a death match version too,  where you only have one life...



Thanks for your comment!

It’s indeed fake multiplayer (if you have others controllers you can play with friends too!), I’m glad you like the AI because it was definitly a nice and fun challenge to me

1 life deathmath could indeed have been a cool idea, even if I think that games would be really short :p


haha yeah... 

you could also potentially have a capture the point gamemode, but your split into teams? Or would the AI have a fit haha


I like the capture point idea, if I had 1 more day I would definitly have implemented it