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Thank you so much for making & sharing this incredible resource!

yay, congrats on the launch!! (& thanks so much for making a Mac version available!)

this is delightful!!✨

love this concept!!

oh neat, thanks for the invite! love the jam theme :)

Thanks for your feedback! The balance between how much to prescribe and how much to leave open was definitely a question I kept coming back to throughout the design process, and so it's really helpful to hear about your experience. Thanks for playing!

I really enjoyed this! The style of the cards (& illustrations overall) is so lovely, and I especially liked the simulated tactility of having to "turn over" each card as the acts progressed. Beautiful work!

Love this concept!

This was so adorable! I hope you'll consider releasing this on other platforms in the future -- thanks for including the Youtube version as a workaround, but I could tell how much of the experience I was missing. Overall though, really lovely job!

Ahh that sounds like an ideal tree time set up -- so glad you enjoyed! Thanks for playing :)

So gorgeous and atmospheric, and such a lovely, deceptively simple harmony of music, writing, and image. I really, really enjoyed this -- beautiful work!

Thanks for listening! :)

Hahaha surprise cute!! :) I love your scenarios — that vibe of “luckily, we brought friends” was 100% what I hoped would come through.  Thanks for listening! :)

Thanks so much!

That's great to hear -- thanks for listening!

Thanks! It was really fun figuring out how to work in some contrast with a limited sound palette & while making sure all the tracks still felt like a cohesive (and cute haha) whole :)

Thanks so much!

Thanks so much! :)

Thanks, that’s great to hear!

thanks Hasenn! I hear you on the mixing — the tool I used is just too simple for that granular of audio tweaking. But I appreciate the feedback! :)

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This was really fun! I especially loved the player perspective + how you did the dialogue in the first stage.

This game cracks me up and makes me go "awww" at the same time -- super delightful!

I love this lil sequencer so much! It's so intuitive, sounds fantastic, and is just adorable to use -- thank you for making a great and beautiful tool!