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Yeah sorry about that. Check the CD player. I have to make the hitbox bigger when I update.

FYI: If people are having problems finding an object check the radio buttons.

Thanks for playing!

There should be an ending when five objects are found. Sorry the screen went red on you, that shouldn’t have happened.

thank you!

Yeah I intentionally made one small thinking it would be better to find but I’m realizing now I should have made the button bigger. (If it was the CD you couldn’t find)

I am currently working on a series of poetry games. I was heavily inspired by a graphic novel called Poems to See by where the illustrator did a bunch of comics based around poetry. I thought it’d be fun to do with games and bitsy was a good tool to do it with

I have done two so far and hope to do at least four more in the series!

@thisisstar continues to be one of the best bitsy artist out there. Great art accompanied by a moving story. 

Thanks! Bitsy is really fun tool. 

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Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing it! Hope I did this poem some justice.

Thank you so much. Your game mistakes rules too. Anyone checking out the comments who hasn't seen it should check it out.

Visually and artistically stunning. You were able to do so much within bitsy. 

thank you!

A short slightly interactive poem. Browser and controller friendly. Takes around five minutes. Made in bitsy with a few hacks added in. 

Inspired by Joy Harjo's poem. Also tried to work in a few of the themes but mostly just stuck to the poem

My first bitsy project that’s finished. Small and personal.