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I've gotten up to the third stage of development of the parlor and I love it so far! Been playing it on Normal and at first it seemed like I was going to crash and burn, but as I got into the rhythm of it, it became easier to make money, keep the girls happy and get established. I can't wait to see more of what this game has to offer!

Getting the same thing and I've tried to connect my Patreon on both Firefox (which has adblocking and what not) and Edge (which is a fresh install of, so there's no disabled JS or anything). Same error. Seems to be an API issue.

Awesome! Looking forward to it!

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Question! If you already have the Bridge pack and her sprite, any reason to get this? Is it updated with new animations or just her separately?

Edit: If no new animations, are there any plans to add some new ones? If not, can we commission new animations?

They are similar, but stylistically and very obviously, they are different. They are close, but not close enough to be considered "ripped" in a court of law. They are heavily inspired by, and on top of that, there are plenty of other assets that are brand new and not even associated with the original Link's Awakening DX.

There is another pack on here that I'd argue is VERY close to your initial assessment, but not this one. Check out other packs like this and you'll know exactly what I mean. This one is far more original.

Little side note for anyone getting these graphics and wanting to use the whip. The right edge has an extra 64 pixels on it, so it won't be 96x32 per frame. You can select the first 192 pixels (width) and crop it out and it should fix that issue!

Other than that, great set of assets!

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Well, I actually added a new frame for a pistol (which required just a tiny bit of editing) and it worked out. Same with the whip. I just removed the knife animation for the first three attack frames and added a whip. Looks great!

As for adding animations, I think a hit frame while jumping, something like this, would be good:

Also, a running animation, if you could manage it. I think it would add an extra bit of flair to the character. Thanks for this wonderful character sprite!

Anyway we can get the same set of sprites, or just the ASE file, without the knives? So we can just add our own weapons. By the way, this is a great set and I've done most of the work of removing the knives to add in a whip instead and later today, a pistol.

I hope you'll be making more enemies in this style. Would love to see more and buy them if available!

Not sure if you ever found them, but the animated tiles, and all the updated tiles and sprites, are in the Super Overworld Adventure ZIP file. Grab that one instead. The other one is older. Good luck!

I've been planning for a couple of weeks now to make a Zelda 2 clone and needed sprite work to make it happen and I think I finally found it. Will be purchasing here in a couple days. Looks amazing!

Very nice. I was going to do something like that with HUD Maker, but doing it with Luna will be much better. Buying this as soon as I am able. Maybe now I can finally finish a few projects I've been working on since I can finally change the what the UI works. Was keeping an eye on this.