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~Hello!~ My name is Willow and I may just be your biggest fan! I have played all the Lonley Wolf Treat games in the series, and I got my friends addicted to them as well! I'm on a mission to download and play all of yours games! I love you and I adore your games, your stories are the BEST! Having an awkward wolf and an energetic happy bunny get together is crazy, and amazing (hey that rhymed)! I hope one day you see this message, I want you to know how much I love you and your games. The main thing that brought to these games of yours is the fact that I'm a lesbian. Hopefully on day I can play your game on my YouTube channel (djbroomstick)! I'm a GachaTuber and I plan for sure to make a GachaLife Mini Movie (or series) of Treat and Mochi!  Once again, Nami, love you and your the best ever! From your biggest fan, Willow.M.

Holy sheito this game earns an 10000/10! Best game ever!