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~Hello!~ My name is Willow and I may just be your biggest fan! I have played all the Lonley Wolf Treat games in the series, and I got my friends addicted to them as well! I'm on a mission to download and play all of yours games! I love you and I adore your games, your stories are the BEST! Having an awkward wolf and an energetic happy bunny get together is crazy, and amazing (hey that rhymed)! I hope one day you see this message, I want you to know how much I love you and your games. The main thing that brought to these games of yours is the fact that I'm a lesbian. Hopefully on day I can play your game on my YouTube channel (djbroomstick)! I'm a GachaTuber and I plan for sure to make a GachaLife Mini Movie (or series) of Treat and Mochi!  Once again, Nami, love you and your the best ever! From your biggest fan, Willow.M.