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  • Great enviromental design, good lightning, very relaxing and interesting scenery
  • I like the interaction UI design
  • Shooting mechanics could be improved
  • Inventory is a little buggy I think

Even if the gameplay is not really long, I enjoyed it! The little hints and details were very nice :) The game has a lot of potential and you could get a lot out of it with more story, but I've already told you that and I know your opion ^^ Thank you for developing this game!

Thank you very much for your comment! I am constantly trying to improve the game. There will be much more content to come, as well as many other improvements!

Thank you very much, that means a lot to me! I will continue the development on the game and hope for your support!

Thank you very much! The game currently offers more than 5 hours of gameplay. Each donation flows directly into Mafia Thief or future projects.

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Thanks! I appreciate every comment :)

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I will :)

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Mafia Thief is coming to on November 3rd - stay tuned

Mafia Thief is a third-person stealth game. Break in 6 unique missions into housesmansions, a warehouse or a junkyard to steal more than 80 different items. Complete the missions and follow the exciting story. Avoid security guardsresidents and the police. Get ready for the hardest thief experience of the year!